My Daddy’s a Hero – Firefighter’s Young Daughter Receives a Medal at His Funeral

Every child believes his or her dad is a hero. Sadly, this was confirmed in the most horrific way in the tragedy of the recent bushfires. So far, out of the 26 deaths, three were men who gave their life in service for others as volunteers in the Rural Fire Service. Two were fathers, and one was expecting his first child in May. I remember as a child reading commando war ...

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Encouragement for Men

Wow! International Men’s Day has been an outrageous success. I notice that the media around the world has been kinder to men in 2019 than ever before, and this is a really good thing. Thank you for your support of the work of Dads4Kids as we do our best to wave the flag for men and men’s health here in Australia and around the world. Since we first launched the International ...

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A Man Called Mick

Counting Crows had a hit in 2002 with Joni Mitchell’s famous song Big Yellow Taxi. Good songs never get old. The line that stands out in the song for me is “all and all it seems to go, but you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”. Such was the case of a good friend of mine, Mick Robbins. We had only met a half a dozen times, but he ...

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A Tribute to You Dad

Dear Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation, My father died last Sunday 4/3/07 of prostate cancer aged 69. I helped nurse him in last 5 days of his life, staying overnight in hospital with him one night. The pain and agony he suffered must have been excruciating. I am writing this article for two reasons. The first is to urge all men to get themselves regularly checked for prostate cancer (my Dad's cancer was ...

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