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What the Phub‽

Phones, and screens in general, are kryptonite when it comes to active listening and being fully engaged with our families. For better or worse, they’re part of modern life, but every family needs to find ways to manage these pesky attention-stealers.

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Apps That Will Help Your Teen Get Organised

If your teenager struggles to stay organised, let me assure you they are not alone. They are joined by thousands of others who don’t keep a diary, don’t know when their assignments are due and don’t keep on top of their schoolwork. This week, I met a mother who came up with an age-old solution. She brought a large yearly calendar and hung it on her daughter’s bedroom wall. She thought ...

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Teen Suicide and Social Media

There’s a heavy silence around the connection between teen suicide and social media. Victims of this epidemic are usually in their teens, and come from a variety of backgrounds. While the consensus is that this connection is difficult to find, one study said there was a ‘direct association between heavy social media/internet use and increased suicide attempts.’ Factors include unrestricted access to the internet, resulting in exposure to inappropriate content, and ...

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What Guide Dog Training Taught Me About Raising Kids – Part 4: Distractions

It takes discipline to resist the lure of constant distractions, but it is possible to build good habits in both pups and children which help them stay on track. In this edition of what Guide Puppy Raising taught me about raising kids, our third pup definitely excelled -- in the wrong way. This wonderful pup’s name was Scooter and he was a fun-loving black Labrador. Scooter was a bundle of energy ...

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Digital Detox

With the young becoming quickly addicted to digital technology and social media, parents need to be aware and prepared for disciplining and guiding their children in the use of the internet. Whether we like it or not, you and I are pioneers in this brave new world of parenting in cyberspace. Answering questions our parents never had to deal with, like: is my child too young to have a Twitter account? ...

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Our Degree of Immersion Online Impacts Our Ability to be a Dad

How much tech time is too much tech time for a Dad? The general rule of thumb through which I measure this is by the degree of immersion. Some technology is a flat-out grind. It’s designed to draw in, keep and convert its prey.   Tech is Designed this Way To be fair, all this is done to incite repeat customs. There’s nothing inherently unethical about this since designers operate ...

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Technology: A Horrible Babysitter

Rod Lampard, father of five, says in a recent article in the Daily Dad, “Technology is a tool, not a toy. It’s a horrible baby-sitter. A terrible master. Tech is no substitute for hands-on, old-school dad and mum counsel, comfort and conviction.” That sums up my feelings exactly. For many years of my younger life, we did not have a TV in the house. Looking back, it was a good thing. ...

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Bond-building Couch Co-op Video Games

Video games can be great bond-builders. With the demise of couch co-op, options for split-screen adventures are few and far between. Computer games are not the community-building tool they once were. Companies like DICE, EA and even Mojang followed the Silicon Valley maximum profit trend by limiting customisable consumer options. Buy an Apple product, for example, and they lock you into paying for their expensive branded accessories. Console-makers, game ...

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Seven Dangers of the Digital World & Seven Ways Dads Can Overcome Them

Yesterday I heard a disturbing story. My friend rang me to share how his son had recently gone through a very sad divorce. He shared with his Dad how the unreality of the digital world, that many young people live in today, was a major contributor to his divorce and his general lack of wellbeing. My friend’s son pointed out that after a while, for the inhabitant of the digital world, ...

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