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Tuning In to My Children’s Invisible Voices

Last night, some scratchy static in my dad subconscious alerted me to go about being a dad with extra care and gentleness. Most parents know of our children’s delicate talent for beckoning us to attention with tantrums, yelled commands and rushing tears. Other times, there is no trumpet that alerts a parent to go softly. I know that the parenting cues can be miniscule. You are forgiven for missing them, and ...

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Apps That Will Help Your Teen Get Organised

If your teenager struggles to stay organised, let me assure you they are not alone. They are joined by thousands of others who don’t keep a diary, don’t know when their assignments are due and don’t keep on top of their schoolwork. This week, I met a mother who came up with an age-old solution. She brought a large yearly calendar and hung it on her daughter’s bedroom wall. She thought ...

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Back-To-School Tips

Did you know that in the first 18 years of your child’s life, 7.1 years will be spent in school? Over one-third of the days you have with your child until they go to university or leave school to go to work will be spent going to school. Your child’s education is important and every year counts.  For my five children, that often meant different schools for different needs, including private ...

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Single Dad Supporting His Children to Succeed at School

A week or so back, I received a parenting tips email. The author proposed that I start the school year by getting in touch with my children’s teacher. He said I ought to get to know their teaching style, educational strategies, and understand what is expected of my children this year. I paused to reflect on this time last year and the amazing year that my girls and I formed. It ...

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Keep Your Kids SunSmart All Year Round

To prevent sunburn now and skin cancer later in life, make sure your children abide by the easy steps to be SunSmart. Sandwich? Check. Water bottle? Check. A hat, sunscreen, sunglasses -- to help your kids stay SunSmart? They should definitely be instant ‘checks’ when packing the schoolbag daily! Here in Queensland, we have the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. High levels of sun exposure in childhood increase ...

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‘Dads on Duty’ Deploys Dads in Schools to End Gang Violence

American fathers have launched a new initiative in schools that provides a powerful reminder of the important role dads play in the lives of their children – and the community. To tackle rising school violence, up to 40 dads from Southwood High School in Louisiana have banded together under the banner Dads on Duty USA. Their battle plan is simple: be present on school grounds. According to CBS, "the students say ...

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Tears in the Kindy Kitchen

I remember the conversation I had with my mum friends 3 years ago as if it was yesterday. Esther was 22 months old and every fortnight I headed to a friend’s house where a group of mums caught up with each other. I was sitting at the outside table, momentarily lost in thought, when I immediately caught on to the conversation with the mums talking about placing their child’s name down ...

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Schooling From Home is Not Homeschooling

Schooling from home may look like homeschooling, but the similarities are only superficial. At a fundamental level, the two are drastically different. Criticising current trends can be like walking into a minefield without a map. One size doesn’t fit all. Despite the assertions of blanket “equality” and blurred distinctions, some distinctions do matter. Everyone is of equal value, but not everyone, nor everything is equal.  For instance, beliefs may align with facts, ...

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We Just Want to Belong: Friendship

Although we all pursue it in different ways, friendship is a natural part of human life. It is critical that parents pray for their children to gain quality lifelong friends. When it comes to friendships I tend to be a drifter. I don’t actually have a best friend. My best friend is Jacob. I do have close relationships with friends that if there was ever a family emergency or a Birthday ...

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