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  • parental alienation

Parental Alienation is Child Abuse

Parental alienation is a systemic plague infecting the family court system. Inoculating the courts against this would clear the emotional quagmire brought on by The Court of Emotion’s atrocious toxic waiting queue in a matter of months. Not only this, the disproportionately high suicide rate among men, as well as domestic violence numbers, would likely nosedive across the board. Defusing the manipulative device, instead of downplaying its effects, can go a ...

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8 Keys to Live through Divorce & Separation – A Layman’s Survival Guide

As someone who has been through the very difficult travails of divorce and undertaken various versions of shared care over the past 15 years, I understand all too well the confusion, stress and sadness these difficult travails bring with them. I have, however, learned a few things along the way that I hope might be of benefit to those fellow travellers who are about to, or are, experiencing similar life experiences. ...

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I told my son I loved him, and I’d see him next week… that was five years ago

Editor's Note: This great article by Josephine Agostino from Kidspot, hosted by, is reprinted here as a service to the many single parents who are robbed of their children and their rights as parents. ___ “The only pictures I’ve seen of my kids in that time are on their school reports... I don’t even know where they live. Sadly, I am resigned to the fact I will never have a ...

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In Defence of the Father Parent

After a divorce, both the mother and the father become single parents. The default assumption in society is that the mother takes on the bulk of the parenting, but our children deserve both parents in their lives as far as possible. Sitting at my desk on Monday morning, I open up my inbox and there I find waiting for me is the Dads4Kids/Fatherhood Foundation newsletter. “You beauty,” I think to myself, ...

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Good News and Bad News

It is now ten days since International Men’s Day. The good news and the bad news just keep coming in. It is all very humbling. At times it is hard not to shed a tear. This bit of sad (bad) news contained in the letter below highlights why the team at Dads4Kids do what we do, and why we so greatly appreciate your support. I will let Jonathan share his story. ...

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Dad Hangs Himself in the Courthouse that Denies Him His Children

Could you please, please get this story out there! We desperately need to stop this from happening again. This is the second time in the same court. Now two kids don't have a dad; a mum, dad and family are left grieving. Just weeks ago, a 16-year-old young girl, devastated by her parents' divorce, suicided in her old family home. The author is our DIDS solicitor. Contact details are below. This ...

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Delivering Dads Back to Their Children

In the coming weeks and months, we as mothers, fathers, children, grandparents and families await the Government’s answers to the proposed reforms within Family Law and within the Child Support Scheme. We have been waiting patiently, even though we have been experiencing the very same thing this grandmother (below) so graciously describes. We as responsible fathers have been supporting our children, and yet are denied the right to have a relationship ...

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