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Good News and Bad News

It is now ten days since International Men’s Day. The good news and the bad news just keep coming in. It is all very humbling. At times it is hard not to shed a tear. This bit of sad (bad) news contained in the letter below highlights why the team at Dads4Kids do what we do, and why we so greatly appreciate your support. I will let Jonathan share his story. ...

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Dad Hangs Himself in the Courthouse that Denies Him His Children

Could you please, please get this story out there! We desperately need to stop this from happening again. This is the second time in the same court. Now two kids don't have a dad; a mum, dad and family are left grieving. Just weeks ago, a 16-year-old young girl, devastated by her parents' divorce, suicided in her old family home. The author is our DIDS solicitor. Contact details are below. This ...

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Delivering Dads Back to Their Children

In the coming weeks and months, we as mothers, fathers, children, grandparents and families await the Government’s answers to the proposed reforms within Family Law and within the Child Support Scheme. We have been waiting patiently, even though we have been experiencing the very same thing this grandmother (below) so graciously describes. We as responsible fathers have been supporting our children, and yet are denied the right to have a relationship ...

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The Cry of a Single Father

Please read this attached e-mail that I sent to 60 Minutes in an effort to try and get any help or understanding. It is hard to find a reason to go on when even your cry for help is told to be quiet. Dear Sixty Minutes, Please, you have got to listen! Just read through this e-mail at least. You must be aware of, or at least heard comment made of, ...

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Christmas – A Lonely Time for Single Dads

The Attorney General has released a discussion paper on Family Law Reform. Take the time, read it and put a submission in to: Think about parallel parenting. Why can't it work here? We are coming up to Christmas. Many dads won't be seeing their kids for Christmas -- someone else may be handing out their presents from under the tree this year. While you are having Christmas dinner or while you ...

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Change Don’t Come Easy

Many people have a solid, ingrained resistance to change, particularly when that change doesn’t align with the way they think. Our understanding and perception of the world around us is, to a large degree moulded by the culture of our age. When we look back to another age, another time and culture, we are often horrified by how the reasoning of the proponents of change has been trivialised, debunked or ignored. ...

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Teachers versus Fathers

The observation that separated couples rarely get along with each other would come as no revelation to anyone. It is generally relationship problems that lead to the separation in the first place. Yet these relationship difficulties are often used by the Family Court as the basis for refusing shared parenting and for restricting a father’s contact with his children. I know of one case where a judge, who found no fault ...

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On Christmas Day

All going well, I will receive access to my children sometime on Christmas Day. I don't know whether for 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week. I have no court orders, choosing not to put my kids through it, and knowing by experience they are not worth the paper they are written on. There are many more like me. Most don't get to see their kids over Christmas at all. I ...

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Who Sank the Boat?

I recently represented the Fatherhood Foundation (Dads4Kids) at a national workshop conducted by the Department of Health and Ageing. Our task was to contribute towards an understanding of suicide amongst men in the 25-44 age group, and to assist in developing a strategic approach to prevention. Some of the discussions and debates about the causes of suicide within this age group reminded me of the children’s story about the animals that ...

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A New Vision: Giving the Fathers Back to the Children

The Childcare Industry and the De-Fathering of Society Part 5 The preceding articles in this series have argued that while the Federal Government’s generosity and concern for families may be genuine, its actions are lopsided, biased against non-custodial parents, and contribute to the de-fathering of society. The crisis of fatherless children is compounded by the fact that there are few male role models working in childcare centres. And when children leave ...

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