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Shop Well, Stay Well

If it’s in the pantry, you’ll eat it. I know it sounds like common sense, but it’s true! If we shop well and keep tempting treats out of our reach, it makes it far easier to make healthier choices every day. It’s a fact that one in three cancer cases is preventable through simple lifestyle adjustments, including eating healthier and maintaining a healthy weight, so it’s important we get our dietary ...

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Quality Family Time is Good Medicine

A unique story testifying to the bond between father and daughter has set parts of the internet on fire. Luis, a 78-old-year old dad living in Spain, was forced into a retirement home because of a loss of independence. This separated Luis from his inseparable, 38-year-old daughter, Estefania, who was born with Down Syndrome. Although Estefania lives in the same centre as her father, their necessary level of care requires ...

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The Best Things About Being a Single Dad

A few weeks ago, on an impulse and wanting to share a snapshot of my post-separation status, I wrote a part-whimsical, part-serious piece about the worst parts of being a single dad. By implication, if some parts are worst, then there must be some best bits, says my cerebral dialogue. Voice Number One says the best bit is simply being a dad. Voice Number One ignores the “single” tag and just ...

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The Worst Things About Being a Single Dad

I separated from my ex-wife a few years ago. I think that it was five years ago. It could have been six. On reflection, the first six months seemed like six years. During the frenzied rush of committing to a rental and buying a car and purchasing beds for my daughters, plenty of well-meaning people offered the saying that “things will get better… they always do!” Yes, things do get better, ...

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