• Nat and daughters with Colin Buchanan - Stick Together

Stick Together

Australian singer-songwriter Colin Buchanan is a national living treasure. My family and I are BIG Colin Buchanan fans! So when I logged into Spotify the other week and saw Colin had released a new song, "Stick Together", I immediately had a listen.

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How to Create Sibling (and Family) Relationships That Last

Ultimately, parents must remember that they likely won’t be around for their children’s entire lives, but children’s siblings probably will be. If parents can teach their children how to build a solid family network together, they will offer a legacy not only to their children, but one that can be passed through the generations.

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Music Training Speeds Up Brain Development in Children

by Assal Habibi  Observing a pianist at a recital – converting musical notations into precisely timed finger movements on a piano – can be a powerful emotional experience. As a researcher of neuroscience and a pianist myself, I understand that the mastering of this skill not only takes practice, but also requires complex coordination of many different brain regions. Brain regions – that are responsible for our hearing, sight and movement ...

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Sowing the Seeds of Love

Mankind is so blessed to have the gift of music. The world would be a much sadder place without music, and I believe Walter Savage Landor was spot on when he wrote, ‘Music is God's gift to man.’ Thanks to my parents (Dads4Kids founders Warwick & Alison Marsh), my siblings and I were all very blessed to be exposed to, and learn via private tuition, music from a young age. While ...

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