• Hostile Territory

New Western is a Fitting Tribute to Dads in ‘Hostile Territory’

Hostile Territory, the latest offering from actor, director, and writer Brian Presley, has all the right dads-for-kids ingredients. Set in Missouri in the mid-1860s, the 2022 film is an award-worthy western with a crisp contemporary edge. The well-thought-out script follows battle-hardened Union army Captain Jack Calgrove, who, at war’s end, finds his kids gone and his wife dead. As he was presumed KIA, Calgrove’s children were dispatched by the US Army ...

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  • moments

The Most Powerful Movie Moment of All Time… In My Opinion

It’s one of the most powerful movie moments in history -- in my opinion. Not because of special effects, cinematography, eloquent scripting or romantic fervour. It happened deep within the ruins of the World Trade Centre, during the 2006 Olive Stone movie of the same name. Sergeant John McLoughlin is trapped, losing all hope of rescue, when he has a vision of his wife. I can’t find it anywhere on YouTube, ...

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  • Fatherhood

‘Fatherhood’: Touching, Hilarious Film About a Single Dad

Recently on a flight -- my first flight with my baby son -- I was able to catch the 2021 comedy-drama Fatherhood, starring the irrepressible Kevin Hart of Jumanji fame. The film centres on single dad Matt Logelin, left alone with his baby daughter Maddy after Matt’s wife Liz unexpectedly dies following childbirth. It is based on a true story by the real Matt Logelin, published under the title Two Kisses ...

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  • Top Gun Maverick

‘Top Gun – Maverick’ is Action-Based “Dad Cinema” At Its Very Best

Top Gun: Maverick is smashing box offices, and it’s easy to understand why. The film is spectacularly outpacing its weak-because-they’re-woke counterparts, because the film’s unapologetic dad themes resonate. Alongside the gutsy F-18 camera shots, audiences are in love with the Tom Cruise/Joseph Kosinski sequel because its father-son backstory hits home. Even the, “it’s all flag-waving, MAGA propagandist tripe” critics are applauding the sequel for keeping to the consistency of the first film’s ...

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  • Father Stu

Father Stu: Marvellous Movie with a Fatherhood Theme

"Father Stu" is not a movie for the fainthearted, but with the true story of a man who overcame his trauma and his failures to become a solid spiritual father, it has an inspiring message for us all. I go to movie theatres these days in fear and trembling. I just don’t know if I am going to like what I see. Sometimes it is like buying a ticket in a ...

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  • We Bought a Zoo movie

Great Dad Film for the Whole Family – ‘We Bought a Zoo’

This weekend, sit down with your family and enjoy the moving true story of a grieving widower and dad rebuilding his family while putting a whole zoo back together. If you’ve seen the 2012 Matt Damon movie, you know the basic narrative. We Bought a Zoo is the story of a widower and father of two, who, along with his family, buys a dilapidated zoo. He then embarks on the financially ...

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  • father-son films

15 of the Best Father & Son Films Ever Made

Irrespective of genre, and the anti-John Wayne ideology erasing any semblance of authentic masculinity from Hollywood, there have been some serious wins for dads in the father-son category over the years. These films buck the “woke” trend, and carry audiences beyond sloppy stereotypes to a truer representation of dads who are for their sons, and others. Men who raise up their sons. Men who fight for, and alongside their sons, not ...

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  • 7-seater / drive-in

A Night at the Drive-in

Watching movies at the drive-in is a great family-friendly endeavour! Even those with babies can have fun and a nice break at the drive-in. While I was at my niece’s first birthday party, I was chatting with a friend who randomly asked the question, "Do you ever go to the drive-in?" At that moment, I had a flashback to the one and only time that I had, as a 10-year-old -- ...

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  • Belfast

Home is Where the Heart Is — Belfast, the Movie

The movie Belfast is a powerful family movie brimming with joy and hope in the middle of the most difficult and tenuous of situations. This indie film received seven nominations at the 94th Academy Awards, including Best Picture. This is a staggering achievement for an indie film. I honestly thought it could win Best Picture. The bookies had it as the early favourite, but in the end it was pipped at ...

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  • bad mum

12 Reasons Why Being a Bad Mum Makes Me a Good Mum

On the weekend I headed to see the movie Bad Moms with a group of school mums whom I just love hanging out with and getting to know. Let’s be honest, there was bad language and themes that were definitely for adult eyes only. But the movie pointed out something that all of us mums need to know -- we don’t really have it all together, no matter what type of ...

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