International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day is Making a Difference!

The celebration of International Men's Day is saving men's lives by the tens of thousands every year that it is celebrated. Read about some of the awesome events that took place this year. International Men's Day is exploding around the world. So firstly, thank you for your support for Internationals Men's Day and Dads4Kids. Without your help, we could not have put International Men's Day (IMD) on the global stage. A ...

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Yesterday was International Men’s Day – and Gender Reconciliation is in the News

International Men's Day was celebrated on the 19th of November, 2021. Its message was stopping the gender war and bringing men and women together. This theme was a welcome change to the media provocation of the tensions between men and women. For so long, the cultural elites and some strains of feminism (and masculinism) have fuelled the divisions between the sexes instead of bridging the gender divide. Dr John Gray has said, ...

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International Men’s Day: An Idea Whose Time is Come

Life is an adventure. Coordinating International Men’s Day (IMD) for the world is a super adventure. For starters, it is a relatively new concept on the world stage of ideas, but as Victor Hugo once said, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time is come.” International Men’s Day has a big future. Ultimately, it will peak, but not for another ten years or more. With noble ideas, it is ...

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International Men’s Day is a Defence for Men and Women

International Men's Day is more relevant than ever. Celebrating this important day is the key, not just to defending men – but women, children and families as well. In two weeks we will mark International Men's Day, on Friday 19th November. So why should we celebrate International Men's Day? The Revolution is Here Ten years ago, its celebration was an optional extra. But today, we are fighting for the very notion ...

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Sons of the Father

Several years ago, on International Men’s Day, Canberra’s ABC radio station rang me up and wanted to do an interview in Drive Time. I was happy to do it, until I found out my interviewer was a lady. Not that I have anything against the ladies, but ABC women (and many of the men) are noted for their bias against the male of the species. However, I am always up for ...

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International Men’s Day Has Come of Age

Dr Alex George has shared a heartfelt post in honour of his dad, Anthony, to mark International Men's Day. The TV star, 30 years old, took to Instagram to mark the occasion and also urged his followers to check in on their male friends' mental health. Alongside a selfie of himself with his retired police officer father, Alex wrote: "I am super proud of you Dad, you are always there for ...

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Celebrate International Men’s Day 19 November 2020

In the early sixties, President John F. Kennedy said, “We need men who can dream of things that never were.” His words are still true today, as 92.8% of those who patent new inventions worldwide are men. Yes, the world still needs men today just as much as it ever did. Sadly, we live in an age where manhood is attacked publicly. It grieves me to say this, but to be ...

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Encouragement for Men

Wow! International Men’s Day has been an outrageous success. I notice that the media around the world has been kinder to men in 2019 than ever before, and this is a really good thing. Thank you for your support of the work of Dads4Kids as we do our best to wave the flag for men and men’s health here in Australia and around the world. Since we first launched the International ...

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International Men’s Day: 19 November 2019

On Tuesday 19 November 2019, we celebrate International Men’s Day. Many people don’t even know that such a day exists. Some years ago, Punch Columnist Richard Fleming wrote an article to celebrate International Women’s Day titled, “Why there is no International Men’s Day”. The opening sentence gives us the foundation for his thesis. “With today being International Women’s Day, there will be millions of men around the world thinking, “This is ...

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International Men’s Day 2019: Making a Difference for Men & Boys

Only 9 more sleeps to International Men’s Day on Tuesday 19 November 2019. International Men’s Day is now celebrated in more than 80 countries worldwide. International Men’s Day is going from strength to strength. The theme for IMD 2019 is “Making a Difference for Men and Boys.” The mission of International Men’s Day this year is to help individuals, families, churches, communities, small businesses and corporations, including NGOs and Government organisations, ...

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