• 13 life lessons

13 Lessons from Nearly Losing a Child

When a crisis hits you out of nowhere, what do you do next? When Guy faced nearly losing a child, he learned 13 lessons before the crisis was even over. Sometimes in life you have experiences that profoundly and permanently change you. Experiences either solidify your existing beliefs, assumptions and expectations, or they challenge and change what you thought you knew. Some are so small you don’t even notice them. Some ...

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  • David v Goliath

David vs Goliath: A Modern-Day Story

Have you every found yourself in a battle against a system so powerful that they can squash you like a bug, irrespective of what your rights are? In this podcast, Chris shares his ongoing battle to get some answers and have his rights recognised in a David vs Goliath battle that is not yet over. Most of us have heard about David vs Goliath.  It is the quintessential underdog story or ...

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  • father

My Father

During the last few weeks, I have neglected most of my duties and usual routines because of the need to help care for my father. Many men of his generation, as they near the end of their lives, often regret having spent so much time pursuing material prosperity and career opportunities at the expense of family life. This was not the case with my father. Last Friday I stood by his ...

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