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Our Family Happy Place

If you can, work towards creating a happy place for your family. Discuss ideas, then start planning and working towards it. Your family happy place could be a screen-free family meal together, a fun bicycle or scooter adventure, or a fancy picnic at your local park.

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Two Secrets to a Happy Home

The big question is: “How do you create a happy home?” I think a lot of people wished they had come from one. Working with young people and families with both older and younger children, I’ve noticed that a happy home can come from any race, occupation, economic status, political persuasion and any other variation you wish to throw into the mix. When you have a strong culture in a home, ...

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40 Ways Your House Will Change Once You Have Kids

Be prepared for the absolute mess which your children can make while growing up. At the same time, they will fill your home with joy. Kids. They are amazing creatures whom you love to the moon and back, but they can frustrate the heck out of you. And none of this frustration is EVER put as a warning in the parenting books. What To Expect When You’re Expecting and Knocked Up ...

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Men at Work… At Home

Is it possible to mix work and family life in the same space? Do the benefits outweigh the challenges? Prime Minister Gillard described the pressurised life of modern families as the single greatest challenge facing Australians. So what’s the solution? ‘Telecommuting’ or working from home has been put forward as the 21st-century answer to this growing dilemma, but is it really that simple? Disruptions My hubby worked from home quite happily ...

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Spare the Leftovers

Our marriages deserve our very best, not just the dregs of ourselves. Take the opportunity this Christmas season and New Year to establish better habits and re-prioritise your loved ones. It’s that time of year again -- the season of joy and gluttony. By the time Christmas Day is over, our refrigerator will be filled with yummy, delectable leftovers. Unfortunately, not all leftovers are so delicious. Too often in a marriage, ...

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6 Tips for Spring-Cleaning a Home

Looking for motivation to declutter your home? These 6 tips for spring-cleaning your home might help. The holidays have always been the best time to deep-clean the home, which often includes a cull of material possessions. But when you’re forced to isolate at home (as many of us have experienced), the decluttering process may have been done already... or has it? Whenever I read a spring-cleaning post, I get motivated to ...

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Schooling From Home is Not Homeschooling

Schooling from home may look like homeschooling, but the similarities are only superficial. At a fundamental level, the two are drastically different. Criticising current trends can be like walking into a minefield without a map. One size doesn’t fit all. Despite the assertions of blanket “equality” and blurred distinctions, some distinctions do matter. Everyone is of equal value, but not everyone, nor everything is equal.  For instance, beliefs may align with facts, ...

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  • 13 life lessons

13 Lessons from Nearly Losing a Child

When a crisis hits you out of nowhere, what do you do next? When Guy faced nearly losing a child, he learned 13 lessons before the crisis was even over. Sometimes in life you have experiences that profoundly and permanently change you. Experiences either solidify your existing beliefs, assumptions and expectations, or they challenge and change what you thought you knew. Some are so small you don’t even notice them. Some ...

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  • David v Goliath

David vs Goliath: A Modern-Day Story

Have you every found yourself in a battle against a system so powerful that they can squash you like a bug, irrespective of what your rights are? In this podcast, Chris shares his ongoing battle to get some answers and have his rights recognised in a David vs Goliath battle that is not yet over. Most of us have heard about David vs Goliath.  It is the quintessential underdog story or ...

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My Father

During the last few weeks, I have neglected most of my duties and usual routines because of the need to help care for my father. Many men of his generation, as they near the end of their lives, often regret having spent so much time pursuing material prosperity and career opportunities at the expense of family life. This was not the case with my father. Last Friday I stood by his ...

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