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The New Normal of Parenting

In the midst of a conversation about toilet training with another parent, a childless friend walked over, and we realised, this isn’t something you talk about with people without kids. With surprising ease, I came up with a list of things that have become my ‘new normal’ since becoming a parent…

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The School Holiday Tumble

School holidays shared with my daughters ought to be a fun time. I have a notion that the week-long blocks of time I share with my daughters during school holidays should be blissful. Yet, day three into the week with my daughters, and I was terrified as my racing-harness chair tipped back enough for my stomach to spill into my mouth. I sensed my centre of gravity was about to topple ...

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40 Things Dads Can Do with Their Children

“Children need your presence more than they need your presents,” are the wise words of Jesse Jackson. Both Dads and kids need a purpose to develop the art of presence. To assist you in this art, we have gathered together 40 things that Dads can do with their children. This is particularly relevant over holiday periods. Almost 80% of them don’t require any money, but they do require effort and execution. ...

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Why Shared Activities Are Essential to the Dad-Daughter Bond

A majority of dads bond with their daughters through shared activities. Dad and daughter bonds are linked to what a 2013 Baylor University study called ‘closeness in the doing.’ “This is,” Baylor affirmed, “the masculine style of building closeness.” Mums tend to bond through the “feminine orientation of talking” -- an observation the study described as “closeness in dialogue.” Building Memories Leaning on experiential data, Baylor noted, “When asked what key ...

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Road Trip Tips

I consider myself an expert in road tripping with small kids -- having survived numerous flights and 2 car trips to Broken Hill of 18 hours each way. Yes, that’s right, 18 hours! First time with a 10-month-old; the second time with a 2-year-old and 7-month-old. It wasn’t pretty. So, here’s what I now know… Lesson 1. Be prepared Lesson 2. Be prepared Lesson 3. Be prepared Since Lessons 1, 2 ...

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