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How to Create Sibling (and Family) Relationships That Last

Ultimately, parents must remember that they likely won’t be around for their children’s entire lives, but children’s siblings probably will be. If parents can teach their children how to build a solid family network together, they will offer a legacy not only to their children, but one that can be passed through the generations.

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How Music Increases the IQ of Our Children and the Joy It Brings

Ludwig van Beethoven said, “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.” Ronnie James Dio, a former member of Black Sabbath, said, “Music, rock & roll music especially, is such a generational thing. Each generation must have its own music. I had my own in my generation, you have yours, everyone I know has their own ...

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Meet the Detroit Dads Who Balance Dad-Life with Pub Rock

A group of dads from Detroit have formed a next-level dad band that doesn’t suck. Oakland Press -- the only media so far to cover the band’s unique context and history -- recounted the dad rockers' rise. Self-described as New Americana, the six-piece ensemble called Midnight Proof formed out of garage jam sessions. Casual Beginnings Lead singer Charlie Sunne told OP that they started playing as a cover band, with ‘rotating ...

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One Key to Success as a Father

Developing a close friendship with your spouse and children through mutual shared interests helps to cement the bond as a family, creating lasting lifelong relationships. Many people ask us how we have raised five well-balanced, successful children.  They are amazed at the close friendship we have as a family. Often, we are equally amazed because we know all the mistakes we have made as parents. We feel at times like it ...

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Thrive, Not Just Survive

Plan some time out for yourself -- things you enjoy doing, with friends or alone. It maybe off to the sports arena, or the movies, or just a simple lunch at the fish markets. Try inviting some friends over if you can cook, or invite yourself over to some friends. It doesn't have to be expensive to have fun. Cook yourself breakfast in bed, or have a video day. Plan some ...

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