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More Big Boxes

As a dad now for (almost) 16 years, I’m continuously amazed at how much curiosity and creativity my daughters possess. One of our critical roles as dads is to foster and facilitate this curiosity and creativity as much as possible.

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Making Playtime a Priority

The other day, I found myself hurtling down a hill, way too fast, out of control. It was terrifying, exhilarating and hilarious! ‘Do it again, mummy!’ Tyson laughed hysterically at the sight of his dishevelled mum, lying on the grass, regaining my composure, after a pretty spectacular stack. If you ask me how often I play with my kids, I’d have to hang my head and say: ‘Not often enough.’ The ...

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Parenting = Responsibility + Fun

A number of years ago, I spent five round-the-world trips on a lawyer to represent my case to be a present dad in my children’s growing up. I could sensibly calculate that separation would force the divvying up of my children’s time between parents, but I was determined to protect as much of it as I could, because I believe my children and I need time to maintain our strong, wholehearted ...

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Big Boxes

It was Christmas Day 2008, a significant milestone for my wife Jodi and me. Earlier that year, we had been thrown into the proverbial deep end as first-time parents of beautiful twin daughters, so this would be a Christmas like no other. The decorations were divine, we had food with all the trimmings, and the precious presents were beautifully wrapped (by my wife, of course) all ready to go. It was ...

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King of the Sandcastle

Absolute perfection. Blue sky, soft sand and inviting surf. Day 1 of our beach holiday, and all was well with the world. That was, until Tyson spotted the seemingly abandoned sandcastle. Front and centre, between the red and yellow flags on the busy foreshore. Instinct took over, and he did what any red-blooded 3-and-a-half-year-old would have done… he ran straight through the middle with complete, unadulterated excitement. Come on, what would ...

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