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I wanted to Kill Him (Fatherlessness on Steroids)

The first words the caller said after I picked up the phone were, “I wanted to kill him!” “Kill who?” I stammered. “Kill my father,” he said emphatically. Before I tell you what happened next, let me tell you his answer when I asked the question as to why he felt like killing his father. Andrew (not his real name) was the son of a travelling showman. ‘Showies’ travel around the ...

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  • God is with us

God is With Me

I was driving down the highway to work the other day, after just having a week’s holiday with my kids. I was grateful, especially when I hear from so many who don't have the opportunity of being with their children. I knew the workload would be enormous. I mean a week away from the computer alone means at least 400-500 emails will need to be answered -- that's after I've sifted ...

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A Tale of Three Cities

A few years ago I was a happily married man -- a beautiful wife, three sons, a home  that  was well on the way to being paid off, a job, and settled in the community.  We had just had our 10-year anniversary -- a night on the town for the family.  A few bumps along the way, including some really tough surprises with our sons' births, but everything was fine -- ...

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