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  • Strong Daughters

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

Who doesn’t love a good movie? Having worked in the film and TV industry for over 20 years, I certainly appreciate a good story, well told through the medium of moving pictures. Here at Dads4Kids, we love shining a light on great films, especially those with strong fathering themes, and we have done so for many years through this weekly newsletter and our Daily Dad website. See here, here and here ...

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  • apathy

Enthusiasm the Great Cure for Apathy

“We may have found a cure for most evils; but we have found no remedy for the worst of them all, the apathy of human beings.” Fighting Against Apathy The above quote is from Helen Keller, making it all the more pertinent. Helen Keller was both deaf and blind but somehow broke through her massive impediments in communication. Helen Keller was the first deaf and blind person to earn a Bachelor ...

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  • brave quest

Brave Quest: Inviting Our Sons to Great Significance

The phone rang. It was my Dad, the one and only Warwick Marsh. “Hey Nat, do you want to interview a friend of mine from Kansas City?” “Sure, tell me more!” was my quick response, as Dad knows I love meeting and interviewing people. Dad continued, “Dean Briggs is His name. He’s a big deal in the global prayer movement, and has written a book called Brave Quest.” Sounded interesting to ...

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  • International Boys' Days

International Boys’ Day – 16 May + Thank God for Mothers

Today, Sunday 14 May, is Mother’s Day but this coming, Tuesday 16 May, is International Boys' Day. What do these two days have in common? #1. Without mothers, we would not have any boys to celebrate. #2. The greatest defenders and promoters of boys are mothers. For that we are grateful. Take for example Kirralie Smith, 2023 Mother of the Year for Family Voice. Kirralie is the founder of 'Binary' who ...

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  • Maternal

Empowering Young Women to Embrace Their Maternal Instincts

Edited extract from her latest book expected to be published in late 2023. During a brief one-hour interstate flight I sat beside a young man (whom I shall call Ben) in his late twenties. He was married with a seven-month-old son. He’d recently started his own business in construction but now needed his wife to return to work for a year or so – “Just so that we can get on ...

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  • balancing

Balancing a Job and Family

Being a Dad and working long hours do not always fit neatly together. You will have to take time to work out how you can balance both in a positive and productive way. Being the family provider and wanting to be a “good” father and do well at work can create a lot of pressure on Dad. So it’s worth taking some time to put it all into some perspective. Coming home ...

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  • Open Letter

A Dad’s Open Letter to His Son About Pornography

Having “the talk” with kids is a jarring part of parent life. Even with homeschooling making this job a little easier, I’m still asking myself the same awkward question everyone else is: “How in the hell do I talk to my kids about sex, without the cringe, or me tripping over the wrong words?” The best execution? Use a scalpel, not a bat. Get creative. I approached the topic with a ...

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  • small

The Small Things Matter

I’ve never met Nigel Marsh (no relation) but he seems like a top bloke. He’s a committed husband and father of four, has worked in advertising agencies for over 30 years, is a published author and award-winning podcaster, and back in 2011 he delivered a brilliant TED speech that can be viewed here. It’s well worth a watch. Nigel addresses the prickly issue of work/life balance with humour and aplomb. ...

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  • conflict

Dad Versus Conflict

Learning from conflict will make any dad a better one. “A joyful heart is good medicine”, wrote Solomon, “but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” (Prov 17:22). In his context, Solomon understood ‘joyful’ to mean delight, celebration, a form of cheerfulness, the shining of something bright. There’s a reason he speaks of joy and being crushed with a slight pause between two breaths. A joyful heart and a crushed spirit ...

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  • disorientation

How to Respond to New Dad Disorientation

New dad disorientation tends to affect most men faced with the daunting task of finding their fatherhood feet. Thrust into the dad-life, first-time fathers, like their newborns, have a period of adjusting to new routines, and a new identity. The technical term is ‘post-partum disorientation’. Although similar, PPD is not to be confused with ‘postpartum psychosis or depression’. Psychology Today define PPD as a time of “reorientation, and self-redefinition, where old ...

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