Father’s Day

  • Dads4Kids Men’s Leadership Summit

Helping Dads Be the Best They Can Be

First things first: Happy Father’s Day! It’s an honour to be communicating with you on this most important and special day. Whether you’re a father of younger or older kids, a grandfather, or a father figure to some precious people in your life, our prayer here at Dads4Kids is that you have a blessed Father’s Day with family and friends. Secondly, the first-ever TV documentary on the Dads4Kids Men’s Leadership Summit, ...

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Father’s Day Acrostic

Fathers are fun – and serious too! And you learn more from them than you do at school. Think of all the good times you've had. How would it be without your dad? Everything would be harder with no mentor for growth. Reflect on the man who loves you the most. Soon will come the day for you to fill his shoes. Do you think your dad would accept an excuse? ...

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What Father’s Day Means to Me

Father’s Day for me is always a list of questions. For example, how can the fatherless write anything good about fatherhood? Ask for a positive vibe, joyful word, or quirky rhyme, and all I once could offer in response was numb bewilderment. I had learned the hard way that sharing my experiences can be like a bulldozer to those unprepared to hear about them. Fatherlessness is what Father’s Day once meant ...

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Who Gives a Sock?

Six-packs of business socks were on special a few days ago at Aldi. If they weren’t one short of a week’s worth, I might have racked them up at the till. In my momentary contemplation of snappy-coloured toe and heel, a fellow shopper spontaneously announced a thought to me – “Perfect for Father’s Day!” She tossed the socks into her bag and trollied off, seemingly content that her Father’s Day obligation ...

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  • Father's Day

Celebrate Father’s Day

Today, we are excited to give you the first glimpse of our new Dads4Kids Father’s Day Community Service Announcement/TV adverts. Richard Attieh and his team at the Australian Television & Media Group have done a great job. See it below. https://youtu.be/TfOB9XSpW1k?si=_Aibpi2ex5zAHU1H We expect Channel 7 Metro and the regional stations which broadcast 7, 9 & 10 to get behind it. Hopefully, Channel 9 will do the same. Sadly, Channel 10 Metro ...

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Dad’s Day Celebrations

The collective noun for clowns is a pratfall, and it makes no sense that you can have a rout of snails. Snails could as much create a rout as my kids would volunteer that they have homework. And, you might think that the rush of students on the three o’clock bell might be a whoop, given the ecstatic noise. However, chimpanzees had first dibs on whoop, and so I am swarmed ...

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Happy Father’s Day with a Bag of Love

This Father's Day, may fathers everywhere receive a big bundle of love from their children. May healing and reconciliation take place where required, and may fathers step up to their calling as loving dads and role models for their offspring. The team at Dads4Kids wishes all Dads, all over Australia, a happy Father’s Day. It is always a busy time for us with the release of our new Father’s Day TV ...

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5 Fantastic Father’s Day Food Ideas

Dads set the tone and build the context for relationships in their home. Father’s Day is a good opportunity to reflect this tone back by making the day one for food, family, and festivity. Report after report, study after study, and testimony after testimony, repeatedly tell society that dads live out an indispensable role in the life, health, and evolution of the man for woman, woman for man family unit. (See ...

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  • Tony Miller dad tribute

Father’s Day Tribute to a Wonderful Dad and the Story’s Fourth Side

Editor’s Note: Last weekend, Tony Miller attended the Dads4Kids Men's Leadership Summit, where he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his lifetime service and sacrifice for the men, families, and children of Australia. See the photo above. He did not know it was coming. It was our secret. He was happily surprised. Tony's 27-year-old son Cassidy Miller had encouraged him to come. We are so glad he did. ...

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Father’s Day Chocolate Plane Craft

This Father’s Day Chocolate Plane Craft is easy for kids to make as an edible gift for Dad! Am I the only one who sometimes struggles to find the right gift for Father’s Day? Whether it’s for my dad or my husband, they both like practical gifts, but sometimes I want to give them something a bit more special. I asked my dad while we were working if he wanted anything ...

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