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What Father’s Day Means to Me

Father’s Day for me is always a list of questions. For example, how can the fatherless write anything good about fatherhood? Ask for a positive vibe, joyful word, or quirky rhyme, and all I once could offer in response was numb bewilderment. I had learned the hard way that sharing my experiences can be like a bulldozer to those unprepared to hear about them. Fatherlessness is what Father’s Day once meant ...

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Love and Forgiveness

Dear Friends, On Friday, the team at Dads4Kids spoke at a Senate Committee Inquiry for the Labor Family Law Amendment Bill 2023 at Parliament House, Canberra.  Our delegation leader was a female Family Law lawyer, Sheneli Meneripitiyage Dona, and deputy leader indigenous elder Ps James Dargin, with Nathaniel and myself as their assistants. In the current anti-male woke culture, one young female lawyer is worth 50 men, and likewise for our ...

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The Horrendous Harms of Fatherlessness

“No generation knows better than ours the terrible consequences of growing up without a father. Fatherless boys are far more likely to grow up and commit violent crime, mistreat women, and act out against society in every other way. Girls who do not have a father to honour -- and, hopefully, to love as well -- are more likely to seek the wrong men and to be promiscuous at an early ...

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