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Equal Pay Day: Fact or Fabrication?

‘Equal Pay Day’ is March 14 this year. But ever since its founding in 1996, this event is based on erroneous assumptions. It is meant to illustrate the gap between men’s and women’s wages. But is there really such a gap? And is it based on discrimination? The idea to select a Tuesday as Equal Pay Day was to represent how far into the work week women must work to earn ...

International Men’s Day: 19 November 2019

On Tuesday 19 November 2019, we celebrate International Men’s Day. Many people don’t even know that such a day exists. Some years ago, Punch Columnist Richard Fleming wrote an article to celebrate International Women’s Day titled, “Why there is no International Men’s Day”. The opening sentence gives us the foundation for his thesis. “With today being International Women’s Day, there will be millions of men around the world thinking, “This is ...

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Altruistic Love of a Father

It is nearly forty years ago since the first known father, an Australian, applied for legal custody of a baby girl and was subsequently granted legal custody of his baby daughter by the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Though this father was granted legal custody of his baby daughter by the Supreme Court of New South Wales, the Department of Community Welfare and the Department of Social Security of the ...

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A Tale of Three Cities

A few years ago I was a happily married man -- a beautiful wife, three sons, a home  that  was well on the way to being paid off, a job, and settled in the community.  We had just had our 10-year anniversary -- a night on the town for the family.  A few bumps along the way, including some really tough surprises with our sons' births, but everything was fine -- ...

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