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Managing Differences

Different personalities. Different upbringing. Different education. Different sexes. Sometimes different ethnic or religious backgrounds. With so many differences between us, is it any wonder that making decisions as a couple is complicated and sometimes conflictual? We unpack the SmartLoving framework for managing differences and making couple decisions. Byron and Francine Pirola have been married for 34 years, and between them, they have over three decades of experience in marriage and family ...

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  • board games

Board Games for Bored Dads and Kids

Board games are boring. Yes, it’s not the greatest way to start off an article selling the importance of tabletop games hammered out between dads, mums, and their kids. Like it or leave it -- win, or lose -- I have no real love for the genre. The very last thing as a dad I’ve wanted to do, is play Monopoly, spin the wheel in Game of Life, or face the ...

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  • self-control

3 Steps to Teaching Your Child Self Control

Self-control is the ability to say “no” when you want to say “yes“! In 1972, Walter Mischel conducted one of the classic psychology experiments of all time. Children were shown into a laboratory and given a plate with a marshmallow on it. They were told they could eat it now, or if they waited a few minutes until he returned, they could have two! The experimenters found that some children had ...

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Changing Families – The Place of Agreement is the Place of Power

As a parent, you have to be able to lead family discussions with a listening ear, respecting each family member's point of view. From the diversity of opinions, in love you can forge a united course of action. Sincere agreement is vital for harmony and effectiveness. Many years ago, Dads4Kids convened Australia’s first-ever Fathering Forum in Federal Parliament in Canberra. Almost 30 different groups were represented. The one thing each group ...

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Mixed Martial Arts Dad Takes Down Alligator on Morning School Run

Here’s some dad-spiration like no other. Mike Trinh, an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter from Texas, took down a mid-sized alligator in his driveway before dropping his kids off at school. Trinh retold the event on Instagram, saying, he first dismissed his daughter’s alligator alert, because he thought she was messing with him in an attempt to dodge her first day of middle school. Unexpected Visitor After visually checking the driveway, ...

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I was driving to a playdate with the two-year-old twins in the car, having just dropped off my four-year-old at kindy, when ka-klunk! Something was wrong with the back passenger-side wheel. I knew it was looking dodgy beforehand, so suspected it had gone flat. But I wasn’t really sure. After a quick, illogical thought process, my decision was to slow down my pace and carefully drive 2km to my local service ...

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  • no regrets

No Regrets

Seize the moment and spend time with the people you love and doing the things which you actually want to do. We are not guaranteed tomorrow -- let us make the best use of today. We need to live now, not in the past, or in the future. Jonathan Larson was wise to say, “Forget regret, or life is yours to miss.” Steve Maraboli put it this way, “At the end ...

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  • Decision-Making

Decision-Making Under Uncertainty for Real Men

Life is getting more complex, and decision-making under uncertainty is getting harder. As real men, how do we approach important decisions without being paralysed by worry over the outcome? That is the topic of this week’s podcast. My teens like the privileges that come with getting older. But one thing they don’t tend to like is the increased stress they feel with having to make ever more important decisions. They have ...

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10 Reasons Why Dads Should Read to Their Children

Dr. Seuss said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” This famous children’s book author was certainly across his subject. Here are 10 good reasons why you should read to your children. Hopefully you are inspired. 1. Dads Bring Something Special to the Reading Equation. Harvard-trained Dr Elisabeth Duursma said, “In most families, mothers are the ones ...

  • 13 life lessons

13 Lessons from Nearly Losing a Child

When a crisis hits you out of nowhere, what do you do next? When Guy faced nearly losing a child, he learned 13 lessons before the crisis was even over. Sometimes in life you have experiences that profoundly and permanently change you. Experiences either solidify your existing beliefs, assumptions and expectations, or they challenge and change what you thought you knew. Some are so small you don’t even notice them. Some ...

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