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  • marriage

The Day After the Big Day

Yesterday we celebrated our daughter’s wedding to a wonderful man and family. Our daughter Kiara looked absolutely radiant with an interior joy; her now-husband Doug, was magnificent -- strong, steady and adoring. Their evident love for each other lit up the church and the celebration that followed. As parents of the bride, we were afforded the opportunity to address the guests, and we thought we’d share some of our thoughts with ...

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  • friendship

The Power of Friendship

“No man is useless while he has a friend,” are the wise words of Robert Louis Stevenson. The poet John Donne said it this way, “No man is an island.” The bottom line is MEN -- we need each other. Better still, we need friends for both the short term and long term. More importantly, we need to choose them wisely. Brad Stulberg is an author and high-level performance coach at ...

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  • outdoors

5 Scientifically Proven Reasons to Get Outside

A recent visit to our local park turned into a day of exploring a previously undiscovered (by us) bush track along the river, complete with swimming holes, waterfalls and a ‘wibbly wobbly’ bridge. Once we started meandering, just couldn’t stop! We soon had to leave the pram wedged between bushes for this little ‘off-road’ adventure, as our curiosity kept driving us forward, the kids wildly excited at every turn. Rope swings ...

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  • parenting

Single Dads Need Parenting Partners

A cherished friend of mine has just died. I cried with my daughters, struggling to get the words out as I related how dear Joe has been. I love Joe for the soft kindness he delivered. He gave me a sense of being a full dad every time I saw him. He told me, “You are such a good man,” and I cry again when I feel those words in the ...

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  • margin

Five Keys to Creating Margin in Your Overloaded Life

Our culture pressures us to keep working and consuming. It takes a conscious effort to step back, take a breather and re-prioritise, but doing so is really worth it for good health and peace of mind. “We have more 'things per person' than any other nation in history. Closets are full, storage space is used up, and cars can't fit into garages, having first imprisoned us with debt. Possessions then take ...

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Own Your Unique Position and Giftings

There is only one of you in the whole world. Take the opportunity to hone your talents and grow where you are planted. I have always believed God places the right people at the right time in your life to counsel you and offer guidance and encouragement when you need it. Lately, I’ve been having a few chance encounters and friendships that have been placed in my life at the right ...

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  • life

Preparing Our Kids for Life, Protects Them for Life

Parenthood is the art of making yourself obsolete. It involves ensuring as far as possible that your child has the self-discipline and character to make it through the ups and downs of life, far into the future. They learn from us the tools necessary for resilience and success. Every year, there are four questions all mums, dads, uncles, aunts, guardians or grandparents involved in child-rearing should try to ask themselves: Am ...

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  • exercise - beat COVID-19

12 Ways to Beat Covid-19

Coronavirus is sweeping across Australia. Here are some tips to boost your immune system -- and your loved ones' immunity -- so that you will be prepared if you catch it. Your body is your best friend. You live in your body, so it is important you take care of your body. The 12 Ways to Beat Covid-19 are more based around the concept of prevention as opposed to cure. The ...

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  • Christmas families

Fathers and Mothers for Families

A family needs other families for friendship, support and mentoring, especially in hard times. It takes a village to raise a child, and it also takes a village to sustain a family. Be open to growing alongside other families, sharing love and care for one another. Recently my wife and I received a message from a close friend of ours, “Mum’s condition has rapidly deteriorated and she is now just sleeping... ...

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  • chiefs, build your village

Parenting: Too Many Chiefs, Not Enough Villages

Parenting can be so all-consuming that we end up disconnected from other parents who need our support and who can support us. We end up becoming a band of lonesome chiefs with no communal village. How can mothers connect and support one another more during these vital years? Do you have a village to help you raise your family? I've noticed a trend with many mums (myself included) that there are ...

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