You Won’t Believe What Love and Nurture Does to Your Child’s Brain

Some parents worry that too much nurture can make children co-dependent. But the risk of too little is worse. You won't believe what love and nurture does to your child's brain. "I wish I hadn't cuddled my babies so much," said no mother, ever! It's probably one piece of parenting advice I'm glad I didn't take. Amongst the dozens and dozens of parenting books I read, some parenting 'experts' claimed that ...

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A 7-Point Plan of Reforms to Australia’s Child Support System

Australia’s child support system was introduced by the Hawke Government in 1988. Since that time, it has undergone various incremental reforms such that the system as it stands in 2021 at times seems to work contrary to the well-being of children and their parents.  According to a renowned expert on such matters, Professor Patrick Parkinson, from the University of Queensland Law School, says the introduction of the child support system in ...

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