Anzac Day

  • Nat and daughters with Colin Buchanan - Stick Together

Stick Together

Australian singer-songwriter Colin Buchanan is a national living treasure. My family and I are BIG Colin Buchanan fans! So when I logged into Spotify the other week and saw Colin had released a new song, "Stick Together", I immediately had a listen.

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Waiting at the Gate

Anzac Day -- what do I think about that? Well, firstly I’m grateful, grateful to soldiers who laid down their lives for me so that today I live in peace because of their selflessness, their courage, their daring. So I am grateful, and I spend the weekend carrying thoughts of those men in my heart. I wonder how many were fathers; I wonder how many families had to survive without a ...

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Bring Back the Men

Today is Anzac Day, 25th April. The most holy day in the Australian calendar. It is a day when we remember the men who gave their lives for us all, that we might walk in freedom. Dawn Remembrance Services are held across the nation.  This phrase from the Bible is repeated ten thousand times, if not more, in these dawn gatherings: “Greater love has no man than this that he lay ...

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Our Anzac Fathers

Some are speculating that this year’s 98th celebration of ANZAC Day could be one of the biggest ever.  The curious thing is that more and more young people are getting up very early in the morning to take part in the traditional ANZAC dawn service.  This year tens of thousands will make the pilgrimage to Turkey to commemorate the heroic landing of our troops at ANZAC Cove. One could argue that ...

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ANZAC Day: For the Fallen

While attending ANZAC Day dawn ceremonies just now, I was reminded of how little people understand the unknown/absent/single father from the poems that are read on ANZAC Day. I have re-written the originals slightly below, for those who are battling and those who have gone before, and for those who would like to understand the plight of the "unknown father" who daily still lays down his life. For The Fallen Laurence ...

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