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How Senior Couples Make Marriage Better

In a culture that glorifies youth and sanctions the euthanising of the sick and elderly, it’s easy to lose sight of the gift of seniors. Here are three ways that senior couples make marriage better for all of us. Earlier this year, Pope Francis released a series of homilies on the elderly. Each one explores a theme based on a significant figure in the scriptures, including Naomi, Joachim and Anne, Simeon ...

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Meet Rob Kenney: “Internet Dad” + Cure for Fatherlessness

Fatherless father-of-two Rob Kenney has earned the “internet dad” title after millions tuned into a dad-help YouTube channel he created in April 2020. Kenney’s simple “Dad, How Do I?” vlog now has 3.83 million subscribers with over 18.4 million views. The 58-year-old social media “influencer’s” 30-year-old daughter Kristine Ponten attributes his popularity to COVID-19 lockdowns, stating,  “I don’t think it would’ve gone viral in another circumstance. It is definitely pandemic-specific regarding ...

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How To Be a Great Dad

Fathering is no walk in the park. But we can learn and improve by taking in the advice of those who have walked the path before us. Read on for some great practical tips for fathering. "Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success." These words are found in an ancient book called the book of Proverbs. The bottom line is that if we want to be successful ...

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Anger Busters for Kids

If your child is angry, neither lashing out or bottling it up is a good idea. Here are eight great anger busters to help your child manage his or her emotions. Your child is yelling, slamming doors and having an all-out tantrum – but can he trust you with his anger? Punishing the behaviours associated with anger might be a quick fix, but without instruction, your child will lose out. National ...

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‘How Was Your Day?’: Getting Your Kids to Answer this Simple Question

It's a simple question, but sometimes it's hard to get your children to answer it. Here's what I discovered works when asking my son about his day at school. "How was school?" "Good." "What did you get up to?" Silence. "Who did you play with?" Silence. My life has come to this. After years of begging my child to be quiet, now I'm pleading with him to talk to me! "You're ...

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Secrets to Staying Motivated

Struggling for motivation? Frustrated that you’re starting things and not getting them finished? Here I expose the principles to staying motivated. Recently I was asked to provide some secret sauce for an Australian Defence magazine on staying motivated. I’m not going to replicate the full report here, so you can check out the source article “My Secrets To Getting & Staying Motivated”. But here’s a summary of steps Anyone can do now ...

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Your Identity: You’re Not What You Think You Are

The question of identity -- who am I? -- is a huge one in society today. When everything is stripped away, what makes us, us? I went to a retreat once where the director used a reflection that stuck in my mind and bugged me for ages as I tried to work out what he meant. Who Am I? He asked us to imagine ourselves as a boat floating down a ...

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Tips for Transitioning Your Toddler to a Big Bed

Here are some tips from an experienced mother on how you can succeed in transitioning your toddler from a cot to a bed. This post has been written in collaboration with Sleepmaker This year, Phoebe will be out of a cot and into a bed and I’m not sure how I feel about it because, being my last baby, this will mean this is the last time the cot will be ...

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Cherish is a seven letter word and full of meaning. My first thought of the word is the way the NRL Grand Final winning team held onto the winners’ trophy, a trophy highly treasured by one and all. Perhaps the real meaning of the word cherish happened at the same event when Brian To’o put love into action. puts us in the picture. Moments after the final siren, To’o found ...

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