The time is right. Equality before the law no longer exists in Australia. The presumption of innocence has been tossed aside – totally discarded by our biased media and undermined by regular legislative tampering with basic principles of justice.

For decades, our justice system has been tilted to favour “victims”, with the result that men and women are treated very differently – by police, the Family Court, judges and juries in the criminal law system.

But gradually, the rot in the system is being exposed. Right now, 400 current sexual assault cases are being audited by NSW public prosecutors to determine whether, as six judges have claimed, such cases are being pushed through to trial with insufficient evidence.

It’s the perfect time to seize the moment, and bring together some of the real experts to tell the story of what is going on here. And to talk about what’s needed to achieve a fair system.

That’s just what we are doing. We’re holding a conference on Restoring the Presumption of Innocence. And we’re hoping that many of you will be able to join us for this historic event.

This is a first. The very first time anyone has challenged the groupthink muzzling our cultural dialogue to expose the truth about what counts as justice in Australia.

UPDATE: We delayed the conference for a few months because we wanted to ensure the security of our speakers and audience, given the initial hostile media reaction.

Restoring the Presumption of Innocence Conference

 Date: Saturday 31 August, 2024

 Location: Rushcutters Bay, Sydney.

What’s happened to the presumption of innocence in Australia?

  • How can accused men receive justice in a system where police and prosecutors refer to complainants as “victims” or “survivors”?
  • Over the last six months, five NSW District Court judges have spoken out about insufficient evidence supporting cases of men accused of sexual assault.
  • Now, the NSW public prosecutors are conducting an audit of all current sexual assault cases.
  • Legal rights of men accused of domestic violence are under siege after activists falsely claimed an epidemic of domestic homicide – despite the Australian Institute of Criminology just announcing a 30-year decline in domestic homicide rates. 

Learn the true facts – from legal experts, law professors, statisticians, whistleblowers, victims of injustice, media analysts – exposing how ideology has captured our justice system.

Go to to purchase tickets and sign up for further information about worldwide live streaming of the conference.

Hosted byAustralians for Science and Freedom, an organisation promoting better institutions that embed respect for freedom and scientific approaches for society’s problems.

Sponsor – Mothers of Sons, mothers fighting to expose the injustice their sons faced in our criminal and family law systems.

Tickets are on sale now. Here’s the link:

Can you help?

There’s a large team working hard to make this happen but we need your help. Please write to us if you can assist with the following:

  • Volunteering on the day to assist with the smooth running of the conference.
  • Planning promotion of the event in social/legacy media.
  • Creating promotional material/memes/videos.
  • Circulating information about the event to your industry media sources.
  • Providing assistance with airfares/accommodation.
  • Suggesting affordable Sydney catering options.

Please let us know if you can think of other ways to assist.


If you are unable to attend but would like to make sure the event is a success, please donate to our fundraiser. We’d prefer to be able to contribute to the travel costs of speakers coming from interstate and also to have funds to advertise the event widely. We are lucky to have many dedicated supporters helping defray the costs, but generous donors could ensure this event receives the attention it is due.

Here’s the link to our fundraiser.

Contact Mothers of Sons if you are willing to become a major sponsor. Anonymous donations are very welcome but it would be great to also see corporate sponsors showing they are willing to stand up for restoring the presumption of innocence.

We want the conference to really make waves so people across Australia know there’s a growing community of people keen to address the shameful capture of our justice system.  It will give heart to the many families dealing with unfair treatment in our courts to know their plight is being acknowledged.


Originally published at Bettina Arndt’s Substack.

About the Author: Bettina Arndt

Bettina Arndt started out as one of Australia’s first sex therapists before becoming a respected social commentator on gender issues. Alarmed by the unfair treatment of men in our society, she’s now devoting all her time to making YouTube videos, writing and making media appearances about men’s issues and the anti-male feminist agenda.

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