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  • Daughters & Dads

    If there is one thing I am passionate about it is dads connecting with their children for the purpose of transitioning into manhood and or womanhood. This ceremony is often called a ...

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  • Blessed be the egoistic individuals

    Editors Note: This brilliant  Article by one of Australia's most highly regarded political journalists Paul Kelly Arguing the Good Effect of Christian Faith & Lamenting its loss appeared in the weekend edition ...

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  • Journey into Manhood

    The fact that manhood is a journey is not a new concept. Ancient civilisations recognised the various stages of the masculine journey for many thousands of years and the importance of having ...

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  • Get Your Heart Back

    We are in the middle of celebrating Easter.  Our children think that Easter is all about chocolate eggs and rabbits, but of course it is really about something far deeper and stronger.  ...

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