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  • Help for the Fatherless Generation

    Do you struggle with behaviours that you can’t change, and can’t understand where they come from? Or perhaps you still harbour guilt and shame, or blame yourself for not having a father ...

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  • Through My Child’s Eyes

    Listen to author Annette Spurr’s interview with Focus on the Family Australia here. ‘While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.’ ...

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  • Life Reset: Getting On With Life After It’s Fallen Apart

    When you are faced with the failure of much of what you believed about life and yourself, where do you turn? Can you reset your life? How do you begin? What do ...

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  • Are you living in the temporary?

    Are you living in the now, or in the glory days of your memory? With life moving ever faster, the cost is high if we fail to keep up. This is a ...

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