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  • tidal pull - daughters

Tidal Pull

My heart lifts when I see my daughters cradled in healthy conversations with my parenting helpers.

  • look

You Get What You Look For

What do you believe about your children? Are you speaking and acting in a way that will build and train the children that you really want?

  • childrenese

Do You Speak ‘Childrenese’?

Our children are, in many ways, strangers in the world of adults. They don’t speak our language particularly well – and we seem to have forgotten how to speak their language as we’ve aged.

  • Seth ~ Dadvocates

Desperate Need for Dadvocates

We need more Dads who will advocate for our children, promote fathers and encourage families.  That’s what I call a “Dadvocate”.

  • happy

7 Proven Tips for a Happy Home

I love this article, published by Time, to help parents like me make the most of these short years we have with our kids: "How to Have a Happy Family – 7 Tips Backed by Research".

  • tap in, tap out

Parenting Tip: Tap In, Tap Out

Tap in, tap out. It’s as simple as it sounds — a self-explanatory parenting tip about sharing the many new responsibilities of raising a child.

  • grandparents

Once a Father, Always a Father

When your children have their own children, you get a promotion and join the elite group known as grandfathers. This elevation provides you with a whole new set of responsibilities, opportunities and joys.

  • affirmations

50 Positive Affirmations for Dads

Whether new to the dad guild or a veteran dad-lifer, blunt affirmations offer sharp relief. Telling ourselves objective truths keeps us fit for the fight.

  • simple

Stay Simple

People like Joe are the inspirational reminder to stay simple when giving a sense of worth to my daughters in our precious moments of connection.

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