Are you skilled at resolving conflict where there are multiple personalities and vested interests? Real men need to be peacemakers. Listen in episode 11 to expert Brian Noble on how to resolve conflict in a group setting.

Resolving Conflict In A Group Setting

Do you have the skills to resolve conflict at work, in your church, or in committees or other groups?

How can you stop tension from becoming outright conflict?

And if the conflict is already present, how can you dial things back so that offended egos don’t railroad good outcomes?

Real Men don’t just sit on the sidelines and allow unhealthy tension to escalate.  Neither do they become fuel to the fire.  Unfortunately, if we don’t have the skills then we may be afraid to get involved or become part of the problem.

Roadmap to Peace

One example Brian shares in episode 11 of Real Talk 4 Real Men, is a conflict over an airport development that had been brewing for 10 long years.  When Brian got involved, the skills he deployed resolved the conflict and brought about a great outcome in a matter of weeks.

You can listen to the episode here:

I learnt so much in this episode, and I know you will too.

Please let us know your thoughts, leave a comment … what inspired you and what new tool will you go away and use to remove unhealthy tension in your groups?

Let us know below.

To get in touch with Brian Noble at PeaceMaker Ministries, you can find him and many great resources here.


Originally published on Real Men 24/7. Image by Liza Summer on Pexels.

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