Fatherhood is an adventure like no other, but most men are not ready when they jump and are left trying to catch up right from the start. But fatherhood can be done well. In this podcast, 4 men with 29 kids share some secrets on how.

Fatherhood.  It is a word that means so many things.  Joy to some, pain to others and everything in-between.

For those of us who are dads, most of us wish that we could go back and undo some fathering mistakes.  We never can, but we can learn how to set things right and focus on being the father our sons and daughters need from today forward.

To that end, we put 4 fathers in a room with 29 children between them and let them go for it.

With that many kids, you have a lot of experience.

Pack that into a 30-minute show and you have Real Talk 4 Real Men episode number #20.

In this episode, homeschool dads Mansel Rogerson and Rod Evans chat with hosts Chris and Guy about fatherhood.

What You Will Discover

In this episode, the men share:

  1. What led them to have ‘large’ families by modern standards
  2.  Why they were ill prepared for fatherhood
  3.  The surprising resource that helped saved one marriage
  4.  The simple task that one man did that overcame his wife’s depression
  5. How one couple had 3 doctors saying ‘no kids possible’ to having 7
  6. Why it is so important to seek and accept outside help on your journey through fatherhood
  7. What these men are doing for their kids that is making the most impact on their relationship
  8. The one thing that these men would encourage any young dad to do.

This is a terrific episode for any men with kids, whether you live with them or not, whether they are still young or fully grown.  It is also highly recommended for any men who do not yet have kids – but plan to.

Access The Fatherhood Adventure Podcast

You can stream it through this link:

“you can’t replace years of wisdom from a man who has gone through it first” – Rod Evans

If you have any thoughts on this episode, please leave a comment.  We’d love to hear from you, and share it with other men who you think may benefit from it.


Originally published on RealMen24/7. Image by Joe Pohle on Unsplash.

About the Author: Guy Mullon and Chris Field

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