A life around the family home can at times feel like a race to complete each day’s requirements. Recently, like many others, I find myself being forced to slow down in what is usually a busy lifestyle. Caught trying to understand the current ‘Covid’ life and reflecting on what was, before covid.

Pre-covid, my children participated in school competitive sports. I am a person that likes to blend in with people and not draw attention to myself, but on sports day this mum would run along the racetrack, pace the pool alongside my swimming child, or stand on the boundary field lines yelling and cheering louder than anyone else.

There was always an excitement mixed with anxiousness on the morning of sports day. It is the day that my role as mum was crucial. Today I would become taxi/ cheer squad/ coach/ bringer of snacks/ timekeeper/ ground marshal/ canteen helper/ hydration supplier/ number 1 fan and encourager.

My children do well in their school sports, but at times their nerves have gotten the better of them and just before the race has started, I have seen fear in their eyes. A phrase my kids often hear me say is, “Do it afraid.

It’s ok to be afraid, especially when there is uncertainty in the unknown, of what my happen during the race and what place in the race they will be. The main thing is to focus on what needs to be done and keep going. The start may not be strong but find momentum, be gracious whatever place you’re in — finish strong.

Although the entry into the Covid race has not been optional, I feel it can be treated much like a school race. The beginning may have been awkward and held fear because of its uncertainty, but we are in it and there will definitely be an end.

I have found that my children were beginning to question me on contracting covid, after someone coughed or sneezed near them — “Should we get checked?” I realised that they were fearful.

My husband and I choose not to watch the news in front of our kids and have decided to sit down and talk, discussing their concerns. We acknowledged their fear in this moment; they may be ‘doing it afraid’, but we encouraged them that they do not need to be overwhelmed by it.

Although difficult, because of constantly being in each other’s environment, it is important to maintain a level of patience and grace during this covid race. We are adapting as a family, creating our routines, and working on whatever needs to be done in the current position we are in, so we are ready for the finish line.

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About the Author: Jenny Stephens

Jenny Stephens is a busy mother of four from New South Wales, who can still laugh at herself and her families’ foibles. She has a deep passion for her children to grow up and have the opportunity to become the best version of themselves they possibly can be.

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