Five days after burying his dad, Chris shares the impact an ordinary bloke can have living with purpose.

Are the men who live great lives, who have great impact, supermen, larger than life, different to you and me?

Or are they just ordinary people, just like you and me who have discovered something …

… who somewhere along the line made small, right choices again and again, and together across time and space, they added up to a legacy of extraordinary men living with purpose?

Living With Purpose

And if they are just ordinary, how did they discover the secret of living with purpose; to having a fulfilled life?

The 52nd episode of Real Talk 4 Real Men is about such a man, who has been a guest on the show before – episodes 2, 33 and 37.

A few days ago he was promoted to Heaven, aged 88. His name is Clive Field.

In this episode, his eldest living son Chris, with Guy, reflect on the legacy that an ordinary bloke can leave from his life. How an ordinary man can be living with purpose, even though he was just an ordinary bloke.

You can stream the episode here:

Just an ordinary blokeReal Talk 4 Real Men episode number 52.

“Just a bloke! Someone whom God could pick up and use, even though he was just ‘dad’ … an ordinary bloke who God could use in supernatural ways.”
– Chris Field

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You will find the episodes with Clive Field here:


Originally published at Real Men 24/7.

About the Author: Guy Mullon and Chris Field

Chris Field and Guy Mullon team up as the podcast bros to bring you Real Talk 4 Real Men. It is a show where they tackle the real issues faced by men in today's world. With guests or just with the two of them, you will always be guaranteed to get challenged and encouraged and to get it real across the life topics of business, family, faith and a man's own well-being. You can find Chris' blog here and find his YouTube channel here.

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