Australian mateship is a cornerstone of our culture, but an increasing number of Australia men say they’re lonely. A new app aims to bring them back together.

January 2023: Whether it’s used to describe friends who are always free for a beer or soldiers on the battlefield, the term ‘mateship’ is a symbol of unconditional support, especially when times are challenging. But, there’s a gap between the iconic idea of mateship and the reality for many male Australians.

In Australia, one in two men say they feel lonely once a week, reflecting an issue felt across the world. In America, it’s been called the ‘friendship recession’, with 15 percent saying they have no close friends at all — a fivefold increase since 1990 .

With social connections linked to mental wellness, a new app aims to bridge the ‘friendship gap’, by providing a platform for men to connect with future mates with similar interests — and bring back the mateship they’re craving.

Crewmen is a social connection app (launching February 2023) that brings mates together. Free for a basic profile, any member aged 18 and over can set up a profile to be matched with men with similar interests and circumstances.

The goal here is real-life meetings, not just online banter. Members can post ‘call-outs’ for platonic meetings or reply to a call-out posted by other app users.

Looking for someone to surf with? Another Dad for a playdate? Maybe, you’ve just moved to a new area and you’d love someone to have a beer with. Crewmen will have the mates you’re looking for.

“I’ve experienced most of the highs and lows that the majority of men go through during their life,” says founder, Guy Thompson, a father of twins and an outdoor enthusiast. “I’ve got many mates, I’m thankful for, but it can be hard to maintain those friendships. When we meet people for the first time, we don’t always know what to expect, but with Crewmen you will meet good mates, with similar motivation, interests and circumstances.”

Research shows, the three top things that stop men pursuing new friendships are: low trust, lack of time and introversion. Crewmen breaks down these barriers with an App that provides an appealing setting, pursuing hobbies and interests with verified mates at your fingertips.

“An ideal Crewmen might be a guy who has taken up a new hobby, moved to a new location, or is just going through a transition in their life and looking for mates to relate to,” says Guy. “Not to mention, people in rural locations looking for a broader network and new opportunities.”

The app, which is due to launch in February 2023, is free for a basic profile, with the option to sign up to a Premium Account for additional features, including unlimited call-outs and discounts to Retail Partners.

Pre-register with Crewmen now to become part of the launch crew, and grow your network of mates in 2023.


Photo by Andrés Góngora.

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