It was 12:00am on Sunday, the 1st of September — Father’s Day, to be precise. There I was, frantically gathering clothes and bits ‘n’ pieces according to my wife’s somewhat disjointed instruction.  She was roaming about the house with a hot wheat sack across her rather overgrown abdomen.

I couldn’t believe it. Had the moment finally arrived? After nine — closer to ten long months, was I finally going to be a dad? I could not wait to meet my son.


The hours that followed seemed to drag on endlessly. It seemed so certain as we drove to the hospital that this baby would arrive within a few hours.

My first disappointment was to discover upon arrival at the hospital that my wife was only 1cm dilated – 9 more centimetres to go before birth was possible! In fact, the only reason we were allowed to remain at the hospital was due to my wife’s slightly high blood pressure.

Once we were given a room, I was quick to find a place to catch some sleep until my wife’s labour really took hold. Within two hours, she was calling out to me from her warm bath.

Pushing Through

My task was clear. Support her at all costs, and never move that hot shower hose from her lower back.  Easier said than done with only a small amount of sleep!

She frequently woke me from a short doze with anguished cries to get the hose back in position. I was starting to get cold from the wetness of my clothing, and feeling so tired, that at times I thought this baby would not arrive at all soon — in fact, at 6:00 am I doubted the arrival of my son on Father’s Day at all.

I made the mistake of verbalising this, which was met with a sharp thump from my wife who reminded me that I needed to be encouraging. Finally, the midwife announced that we were about to have a baby.

Woohoo! What was that she said? I couldn’t believe my ears. A new level of energy and excitement began to course through my veins. I watched my wife in admiration as she endured the pain of birth.

I knew this was more than any pain I had yet experienced or was ever likely to. I thanked God for giving her the strength to make it through.

Miracle of Life

I watched the arrival of my son from the first crowning of his head, then the appearance of his face and entire body. He was so perfect! I actually cried and had to turn my head so the midwife wouldn’t see.

Eventually, my son was handed to me, and the tears started again. I was still in disbelief that God had given me a son on Father’s Day — one of the greatest blessings of my life.

As I thanked the Lord for this new addition to my family, I realised how natural it felt to be holding him.  I was amazed that I didn’t have any fears about how to hold him, just an overwhelming sense of love — a new person in my life to love.

Now we are all at home — a family of three. I feel greater responsibility as a loving husband, and now as a father. I pray every night for my wife and son’s well-being.

I also pray for God’s strength and wisdom to make the right decisions for our family’s future and to raise my child with Godly principles and strong foundations in Christ. I thank God for my wife Joanne, and son Seth, and the gift they are in my life.


Photo by Public Domain Pictures.

About the Author: Darrin Collier

Darrin has been married for over 20 years to his beautiful wife Jo. They have two children, now in their late teens.

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