Getting used to your post-birth body can be challenging — here is a video to see it in a whole new perspective, appreciating its true beauty.

I would never have called myself ‘skinny,’ even before kids. But my new ‘post-baby’ body has taken some getting used to.

I think a lot of women struggle to accept what they see in the mirror after becoming a mum. Some things have changed… possibly permanently.

Exercise has given me back some curves in the right places, but despite thousands of situps, my mid-section still resembles a bowl of porridge and my stretch marks are here to stay. It was very discouraging.


Then I watched this video and it changed my whole perspective on my ‘post-birth’ body. Seeing it for the first time for what it really is… beautiful.

Each stretch mark tells the story of hope and life and growth. My porridge-like tummy was home to my two favourite people: my kids, and they’ve left an indelible mark on my body and in my heart. Every mum should watch this video and make peace with their ‘mummy body’. It’s a reminder of your greatest achievement — becoming a mum.


Originally published at Mum Daily. Photo by Amina Filkins.

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Annette Spurr runs her own business at Blue Box Media and is also the Managing Editor at Mum Daily. As a wife and mother, Annette has discovered the power of gratitude journalling.

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