When you are faced with the failure of much of what you believed about life and yourself, where do you turn? Can you reset your life? How do you begin?

What do you do when the way you were committed to living has not worked out, and you come to a point of realising it never will?

When your life has suddenly changed — perhaps a midlife crisis, career change, health scare or relationship breakdown — and most of what you thought you knew about your world and even about yourself is suddenly up for question…

How do you find a new pathway… and how do you even begin?

The bad news is that major life changes are very hard.  Surprisingly hard even for those who have a track record of achieving big goals in life or career.

It’s Not Going To Happen

On this episode, Guy and Chris speak with life coach Robyn Jordan.

Robyn’s story is intensely powerful, candid and emotional… but is most of all a story of hope flowering out of shattered dreams.

Robyn came face to face with her mortality when diagnosed with cancer.

She faced the failure of the vehicle in which her identity had been built for 35 years.

She overcame the temptation to end her own life, and Robyn battled through the division of loyalties amongst her 7 children.

So her life lessons in this episode are priceless for anyone struggling through a midlife crisis, career change, relationship breakdown, health scare or other challenging series of life events.

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Episode 51 of Real Talk 4 Real Men:

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A Snapshot of Robyn’s Story

For Robyn, a point came when she realised that the change she hoped for from others just wasn’t going to happen.

She felt like she was selling her soul for a dream that would never be.

As she found the courage to initiate change and worked through the emotional, physical and spiritual ups and downs, Robyn discovered many revelations, truths and fears that had to be overcome, and much she had to leave behind. Here is a taster of some of what Robyn shares during the episode:

  •  “I’ve been erased from his life.”
  • “I was dying inside”
  • “My greatest thing was fear: The fear of not being enough, the fear of not being lovable, the fear of what people think and the fear of being judged.”
  • “Am I enough to make it in life on my own?”
  • “I got to a point where I had no option, and I had to drum up courage.”
  • I struggled with: “A sense of shame, a sense of failure, a sense of what will people think, a sense of losing connection with people who had meaning to me.”
  • “There comes a time when we have to leave our story behind, but we can use our story to give each other hope.”
  • “We often need someone outside of the situation to give us clarity and to move us forward.”
  • “It’s only the inner world that we can control.”
  • “The greatest gift that we can give others and ourselves is the gift of being vulnerable.”
  • But now “I’m finding myself, and I actually love life.”

Real Talk 4 Real Men

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Some of the Wisdom You Will Discover

In this episode, you will discover:

  • The 3 fears that threatened to derail Robyn’s recovery
  • What helped Robyn get through — the signposts along that road
  • The masks she wore without knowing it, which drove a life of quiet desperation
  • What she discovered you will need to get 100% clear on, if you are to move forward confidently
  • The importance of having a big enough why, and the importance of taking action before all your ducks are lined up
  • And, what starting point must be when your life has fallen apart.
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To Contact Robyn

If you’d like to contact Robyn, the first point of contact for her is probably her Facebook page at Courage 2 Be You:

“Courage will be given to us as we step out…
If only we changed our perspective of failure.”

Despite your circumstance, you too can also get to a place where you can echo the words of Coach Robyn:

“Today, I’m finding myself, and I actually love life.”

Men’s Life Coaching

As Robyn stresses in her story, reaching out for help sooner rather than later is key to picking yourself up, letting go of the past, and setting a new direction.

For help for men (and women), you can contact Coach Guy, CPLC certified life and business coach.
You can find him here for help during a midlife crisis, career change, life-cycle change or when you require changes in your business.

His blog — much of which is about male midlife crises, midlife crisis symptoms and how to transform your life through a midlife crisis — is found here.


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