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New Dads

The Fatherhood Foundation is working on a pilot program with Wollongong Hospital for dads-to-be called 'Daring Dads' (link).

Once perfected Daring Dads can be rolled out across Australia. Daring Dads would also like to provide a playgroup experience/community for dads with babies and young children.

For more information on Daring Dads courses or playgroups please email the Fatherhood Foundation at info@fatherhood.org.au.


Great Resources for New Dads


1. Tony White & Dr Graeme Russell, First-Time Father Australia 2005 www.capersbookstore.com.au
2. David Vernon, Men at Birth - Stories by Men, www.acmi.org.au/Publications/tabid/289/Default.aspx
3. William & Martha Sears, The Baby Book, England 2005



1. David & Charissa Scotford, Babywise Bliss,
2. Good Beginnings, Hello Dad, Infant Communication for Fathers
3. Sam Holt & Troy Jones, Being Dad - The Baby DVD, Australia's best guide to pregnancy and birth, www.beingdad.com.au



1. www.babycenter.com.au/baby/dads

2. www.raisingchildren.net.au

3. www.breastfeeding.asn.au




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