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Mens Leadership Summit

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Mens Leadership Summit 2020


We invite you to join us for the Men’s Leadership Summit on Saturday 8 August 2020.

Albert Einstein said, "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value."

The world is looking for men of value who will lead by example with character and integrity. Yet this is the greatest challenge for any man.

Edwin Louis Cole, one of the greatest leaders in the men’s movement of the twentieth century said, "Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous."

You will hear from two great speakers. David Hodgson, Managing Director of a large investment company and former SAS soldier.

Dave is passionate to challenge men to excel in every area of their life.

Dr Allan Meyers creator of the Valiant Man Course and founder of Careforce LifeKeys is the second speaker. Allan’s goal is to equip men for greatness.

Some of the other mentors and speakers will include Warwick Marsh, Ryan Milne, Trevor Suitor, Paul Lassig and Peter Lim, along with many other Dads4Kids leaders who set aside time at the Summit each year to retrain and refresh - don't we all need it!

As men we need to find our tribe and be part of a band of brothers. That's the reason we give a special discount if you bring a group with 5 friends.

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Dave Hodgson

Dave Hodgson

Dave grew up in Rhodesia in Africa and joined the SAS. He fought behind enemy lines against two armies across three countries for four years. Dave became a commercial saturation diver and eventually immigrated to Australia. Dave Hodgson is the Founder and Managing Director of the privately owned Paladin Group of Companies which controls over $1.2 billion worth of Business Acquisitions and sophisticated Private Equity Investments. In 2007 Dave founded Kingdom Investors, a business ministry which has spread around Australia and overseas. He is a very committed husband and father to 5 children, 8 grandchildren and one great granddaughter.

Dr Allan Meyer

Dr Allan Meyer

Dr Allan Meyer got his first degree from Monash University in Melbourne. Dr Meyer is the author of Valiant Man, has been married to Helen for 49 years. They have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. Together they founded Care Force Life Keys in 1992 which currently runs training courses in 20 nations around the world. Allan and Helen have created over a dozen Training Courses in Marriage & Family, Parenting, Life Skills & Sexual Integrity. Allan is one of the best speakers on manhood in Australia and has spoken in over a dozen countries on manhood, fathers, families, marriage and faith. He is an inspirational communicator with an extremely dry wit. Allan’s two big sports passions are golf and Australian Rules football.



Warwick Marsh

Co-founder of the Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation with his wife. He has a background in the construction industry and has been working with men & fathers for almost 40 years. Warwick has been married to Alison for 45 years. They have five adult children and eight grandchildren.

Ryan Milne

Chairman Dads4Kids, Good to Great 'Qualified Coach' and founder of a Consulting company working in the mining industry. Ryan has been married to Natalie for 15 years and he has three young boys. He is dedicated to helping men achieve excellence in fathering.

Peter Lim

Good to Great 'Associate Coach' and an Osteopath with a busy medical practice. Not only that but Peter and Elizabeth his wife have 11 children and have home schooled all their children. Peter is a fervent advocate for children and families and is a deeply committed family man.

Pual Lassig

Business Development Manager for Dads4kids. Worked with men who were doing ‘Wild at Heart’ training. He spent 16 years in Australian Air Force. Paul is passionate to encourage men to live out their high calling. Paul has been married for 21 years and has two teenage daughters




Summit Strategy: The Men's Leadership Summit will be presented on Zoom which is the world's number one video conferencing platform. You will need a quiet spot with either a desktop, laptop or an iPad. Your digital device with a screen will need a microphone and camera attached or inbuilt for you to successfully attend the Summit. The format for the day is video presentations + Q&A, with small group discussions following the speaking sessions. The small group could be the 5 member group you book with or the online group you are allocated to if you are booking numbers less than five.

Time & Date: 8:30AM – 5:30 PM Saturday 8 August 2020 with breaks for lunch, morning and afternoon tea. The Men's Leadership Summit is a full day commitment until the end with breaks. You must provide your own refreshments on the day. Full day attendance is required as the men in your group will be disadvantaged by your early absence.

Zoom Interface & Testing: Please upload your own FREE Zoom App on your device and test before hand to avoid disappointment on the day. Opportunity will be provided for a live test at 8PM AEST time on either Tuesday 4 August or Wednesday 5 August 2020. Digital workbook and reading materials will be sent to each registrant in the seven days prior to the Summit. We have been running men's groups across the nation through Zoom and they have been very well received by the participants.

Full Price: $69 each or discounted price for groups of five men $245. (Multiple digital locations or one physical location) Bookings close midnight 1 August.

Early Bird Price: $39 or discounted price for groups of five men $145. (Multiple digital locations or one physical location) Register by midnight 23 July.

Attendees: The Mens Leadership Summit is suited for mature men over the age of 18 years. In some cases young men from 16 – 17 years have attended with a father figure. This is the lowest age we will accept for the Men's Leadership Summit.

Benefits: Attendance at the Men's Leadership Summit will accredit you to receive a digital ‘Certificate of Attendance’ for your resume. Your participation in the day will also qualify you as a Level One accredited Courageous Fathering Course Facilitator.



We encourage prospective applicants for the Men's Leadership Summit to Register speedily to take advantage of early bird prices. Our Zoom digital conference facility has limited space available and places will fill up quickly.

For more information about the Men's Leadership Summit

Email: info@dads4kids.org.au

Phone: 02 42 72 6677

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