Resourceful dads are sharing the weird and wonderful parenting hacks they use to make their lives that little bit easier.

Being a parent can be a tough task — but a variety of tricks compiled by The Sun prove there are ways to make the battles of childcare a little less stressful.

While many methods are well-known and practical, others are more controversial, and it seems that parents have developed some rather creative solutions to make family life run smoother.

From a father who used a bunch of bananas to prop his baby’s milk bottle to her face, to one who kept his son in place with a tank top — here are some of the funniest methods dads have used while caring for their kids.

parenting methods

This creative dad whipped his top off to hold his baby still on a chair.

parenting methods

Not everybody is pleased about this one.

parenting methods

Best use of a playpen.

parenting methods

Master of the waiting room.

parenting methods

Genius pram hack.

parenting methods

All from the comfort of the lawn chair.


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