A group of dads from Detroit have formed a next-level dad band that doesn’t suck.

Oakland Press — the only media so far to cover the band’s unique context and history — recounted the dad rockers’ rise.

Self-described as New Americana, the six-piece ensemble called Midnight Proof formed out of garage jam sessions.

Casual Beginnings

Lead singer Charlie Sunne told OP that they started playing as a cover band, with ‘rotating drummers.’

Guitarist Mike Conrad said it all began with about “a dozen or so people hanging out in a garage on a Saturday night playing whatever music they knew.”

“Before we knew it, there was a core group of people who kept showing up, just for the sheer joy of playing songs. That’s really how the band was born,” he added.

Maximising time afforded to them by unnecessary government policies in response to COVID-19, the group dedicated time to work on the band.

Consequently, a self-titled 41-minute debut album was born.

Innovative Fusion

As far as the group’s genre goes, I think New Americana is too limiting.

Since live music is reviving the music industry, Neo-Pub Rock better fits.

The style makes sense.

Indie bands are struggling to survive on the crumbs they get from digital downloads.

Out of necessity, musicians are getting back into the watering holes which once made rock music great.

Pub Rock is experiencing a revival, as the world wakes up from its techno and trance-induced cryogenic slumber.

Emerging out of the — overdone, unoriginal, and over-polished — pop era, Midnight Proof is the real deal.

Far from “dad rock”, these dads are playing rock in the way rock was intended to be played: live, loud, and unapologetic.

There’s also no “electronica”. No Garage Band app or smartphone voodoo in sight.

There are no canned drum loops, over-produced auto-tune, or derivative base drop beat.

Their raw, classic pub sound is sharpened by a tint of country, giving the band of fathers an authentic edge.

Midnight Proof is playing to win. This is as honest as rock gets.

Sound-wise, the band carries the grit of Cold Chisel, Van Halen, AC/DC, and Angry Anderson.

This is infused with a hint of Deep Purple, sprinkled over the top of a bit of Meatloaf and Skynyrd.

All of which is welded together in a neat package of Alternative, Outlaw Country, and Punk Rock.

Fathers First

It is worth noting: the team of six are all fathers. A factor informing Midnight Proof’s dynamics.

Some band members have adult children, and others, teenagers.

When it comes to the band’s life v. their dad-life, Oakland Press said, ‘the group understands each other’s schedule and family needs, and adapts.’

This approach to keeping the band together, alongside keeping up with their dad-life duties, is part of what makes the band’s story unique.

For most musicians, balancing these two great loves well is no small feat.

Band members being willing and able to balance both grants Midnight Proof Club B.G. status.

The Bee Gees weren’t just brothers, they were dads.

Illustrating how endearing Barry, Robin and Maurice (and Andy) Gibb’s relationship was with their kids, seven of their children formed The Gibb Collective in 2017.

The cousins recorded 10 songs, in what was described as ‘a poignant tribute to their fathers’ legacy.’


Photo: Midnight Proof

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