The people of Australia have spoken. They don’t want to keep marriage as it is and has always been for thousands of years, through countless cultures, from time immemorial. They want to redefine marriage. How sad!

The Postal Survey was mailed out to 16,006,180 Australians. Of these, 7,817,247 voted ‘Yes’. That is less than 50% (in fact it is 48.84%). So in spite of the fact that less than 50% of the people of Australia voted to redefine marriage it appears our politicians are hell bent on redefining something that can never be redefined.

I first wrote this article for the Spectator under the title, “Comedy of Errors, Gender and Marriage Destruction”. After more reflection I have renamed it more appropriately for my Dads4Kids and “Just a Man” readers the Destruction of Marriage & Gender – a Sad Day for Australia’s children.

It is also quiet ironic that we are celebrating International Mens Day worldwide on the 19 November a few days after this gender destroying vote in Australia but celebrate it we must whilst we still can.

The first person I rang after the vote came in was a homosexual friend who had campaigned for the ‘No’ case. He, like me. strongly believed that children need a mother and a father.  We both passionately believe that marriage between a man and a woman is the best way to guarantee a child’s biological birthright. For this right to best be preserved marriage must continue as it always has been.

I had honestly been afraid for him should the ‘No’ vote win as the mark of those ‘Yes’ campaigners who demanded tolerance has been violence and intolerance. He was gracious and magnanimous in defeat and I was encouraged to hear the love in his voice for those who hated him so fervently.

Interestingly, the day before, I was talking to a friend in the music industry. He told me that all forty of his gay friends in the music industry had voted ‘No’ and they had individually wondered out loud to him who the rainbow collective was? They had never met them nor did they know them. How dare these gay radicals speak so strongly on their behalf without their permission. This was the beginning of the comedy of errors albeit with a touch of pathos.

It would appear the homosexual community was used unwillingly at times as a battering ram against the so called ‘capitalist conservatives’ by the cultural Marxist elites who have so cleverly infiltrated our educational, political and media spheres.

Roz Ward gave the game away when she told Australia the truth about the cultural Marxists plan to take over Australia, one child and one school at a time, through the Safe School’s Coalition program. She would have been much wiser to wait for homosexual marriage to  be legalised and then introduce her radical plan to degenderize our children. Instead her overreach became part of an ongoing comedy of errors by the ‘Yes’ case. The Australian newspaper article headline that said Activist Roz Ward ‘hurting’ gay marriage push tells the story well.

Roz Ward from the La Trobe University in Melbourne was one of the primary drivers behind the Safe Schools Coalition. Publicly she said that this is all about stopping bullying and suicides, but she told the Melbourne Marxism Conference in 2015 that is was a key part of a strategy to radically change society.

Pat Byrne in his incisive article ‘Safe Schools or a Radical Marxist Sexual Revolution’ says:

 ‘Marxist doctrine says that the capitalist class (the wealthy owners of capital) has used all the main institutions of society – government, the courts, the churches and the culture – to oppress, subjugate and economically exploit the working class.

 Ward says that as part of this process of exploitation, capitalists have imposed cultural and moral norms around sex, marriage and the natural family that inhibit sexual freedom.

 Marxism is her solution. “Marxism offers both the hope and the strategy needed to create a world where human sexuality, gender and how we relate to our bodies can blossom in extraordinarily new and amazing ways that we can only try to imagine today, because Marxism has a theory of social change,” Ward says.

 To this end, Ward lauds policies of sexual liberation introduced by the Soviet Union after the 1917 Bolshevik revolution. This included the introduction of “gender neutral language … something that transgender advocates today see as the key demand to the transgender and other advocacy movements.

 “They [the Soviets] also removed the fixed age of consent…”

 Echoing this classical Marxist doctrine, Ward paraphrases gay academic Dennis Altman, saying that “the homosexual cannot win liberation without a general sexual liberation.” In Marxist parlance, this means that LGBT people can truly be liberated only when all people of all sexual orientations and gender identities have open sexual licence after being liberated from capitalist-imposed conventional morality or biology.

 Ward’s speech puts the Safe Schools Coalition program in the ideological context of a radical sexual revolution to be pushed through Australian schools.’

Mark Latham, in his brilliant essay called ‘From Reason to Radicalism: Gender Fluidity’ elucidates the deception on the Safe Schools ideology which is core belief of the Australian Teachers’ Union and is thus embedded in our education system.

 “When John Maynard Keynes declared “Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler a few years back”, he knew what he was talking about.

  The craziest trend in Australian politics is to teach Neo-Marxist genderless programs in our schools through the Orwellian-named Safe Schools and Building Respectful Relationships (BRR) curriculum. . .

 Having lost the battle for economic and foreign policy in the 1980s, Neo-Marxists embarked on a long march through the institutions of the public sector, especially universities and schools.

 Indoctrination programs like Safe Schools, BRR and Start Early are the inevitable result…

  . . . This is why Safe Schools seeks to eradicate the use of terms like “his and her” and “boys and girls”.

 It believes genderless language will produce a genderless generation of young Australians, self-selecting their sexuality as a fluid identity.

 Australia’s political leaders are sleepwalking into an educational disaster… Anyone who has researched this issue will know we are fighting for the future of our civilisation.

 Mark Latham’s prescient warning in his Daily Telegraph article on the 29 August that “Same Sex Marriage YES Vote will Open up a Can of Worm’s” also showed that the current proposals for same sex marriage were in fact proposals for the de-gendering of marriage and ultimately society.   The headline from France in 2012 showed us where this movement for homosexual marriage was going to take us: “France is set to ban the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ from all official documents under controversial plans to legalise gay marriage”. As George Orwell said, “One has to belong to the intelligentsia to believe things like that: no ordinary man could be such a fool”.

 Unfortunately, this open war against gender and mothers and fathers is not only happening in France but also in other western countries including America, Spain and Australia. In early 2011 President Obama removed the word mother and father from US passport applications. In Spain the radical socialist government, after introducing homosexual marriage in 2005, removed the words mother and father from birth certificates and in their place was ‘Progenitor A’ and ‘Progenitor B’. In 2008 the NSW Parliament removed the necessity of putting the word ‘father’ on birth certificates.

For decades Australian fathers, especially single fathers, have suffered discrimination and even open hatred from government bureaucracies, family law courts and law enforcement officials. Unfortunately it looks like this open hatred is going to continue and perhaps increase.

Where did the war against gender and mothers and fathers start?

To find this out, one has to go back to some of the dedicated disciples of Karl Marx. Lenin said, “Destroy the family and you destroy society”. The Frankfurt School in Germany in the 1920s perfected Lenin’s battle plan and became the springboard for the philosophical basis to destroy family, marriage and fatherhood.

Looking at western society over the last 50 years we see that the Frankfurt School and the cultural Marxists have achieved amazing success. Roz Ward’s confession alerted us to the real agenda that lies behind the legalisation of homosexual marriage. The plague of fatherlessness confronting western society is a mute testimony to our acquiescence to their flawed ideologies, not to mention the appeasing of our own selfishness. Regrettably I include myself in the outworking of this tragedy. Unfortunately, we have all played a part in this so-called comedy of errors.

When you redefine marriage you destroy gender and when you destroy gender you destroy both marriage and family because marriage is a celebration of difference and not sameness.

So how can we  turn back the tide of fatherlessness and family breakdown? How can we best protect our children caught in the middle of the darkness that comes when we willingly embark on the destruction of marriage and family?

 Firstly, we must become the change we seek and put a priority on love, because as Martin Luther King said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that!”

Let us start by loving those closest to us. As a father and a husband I speak personally. We must love our wife and children and extended family. As Mother Teresa said, “World peace begins in the home”.

 Secondly, we must work at being good fathers. Hitler and Stalin both had shocking experiences with their fathers, along with Saddam Hussein. Almost 84 million people died to appease the guilt of those men’s father wound.

On the other hand, good trees produce good fruit and the effect of good fathers is felt for generations to come.

 Thirdly, we must be aware of what is happening in our society and the true political implications of so-called policies to reduce discrimination and produce equality. The quote from George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ comes to mind, “Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others”. So-called policies to stop discrimination for minorities, end up discriminating against majorities. Our children then bear the brunt of this diabolical discrimination as their biological right to a mother and father is removed by governmental decree.

The introduction of homosexual marriage is a carefully calculated step towards a genderless society. Children need a father and a mother. Gender is important.  Children thrive in the constant resolution of the tension between the male and the female of the species. Mothers and fathers bring something unique and precious to their natural biological children. It’s funny how nature knows best. Let’s put our children first for a change!


About the Author: Warwick Marsh

Warwick Marsh has been married to Alison Marsh since 1975; they have five children and nine grandchildren, and he and his wife live in Wollongong in NSW, Australia. He is a family and faith advocate, social reformer, musician, TV producer, writer and public speaker. Warwick is a leader in the Men’s and Family Movement, and he is well-known in Australia for his advocacy for children, marriage, manhood, family, fatherhood and faith. Warwick is passionate to encourage men to be great fathers and to know the greatest Father of all. The Father in Whom “there is no shadow of turning.”

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  1. Rob October 20, 2018 at 7:39 am - Reply

    Hi Warwick,
    Nice article. You are talking about relationships, and whilst the family is a microcosm of society, the family itself needs to recognise their own relationship with God, the Father of all created things. So we need to go back beyond the family to the originator of the family, which is God. Only as each individual connects to God can they succeed in any relationship, whether as a father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister etc.

    Gay marriage is wrong because homosexuality is wrong. God loves homosexual people no less than adulterous heterosexual people, and He calls both tendencies or inclinations sin. He welcomes all sinners into His church, but only as they renounce their sins. They might struggle against their natural tendency for the rest of their lives, but they never have to serve that tendency if they are in Christ for they have been set free.
    God bless you and yours.

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