Have you every found yourself in a battle against a system so powerful that they can squash you like a bug, irrespective of what your rights are? In this podcast, Chris shares his ongoing battle to get some answers and have his rights recognised in a David vs Goliath battle that is not yet over.

Most of us have heard about David vs Goliath.  It is the quintessential underdog story or a hero overcoming impossible odds — a lowly shepherd boy defeating a heavily armed professional soldier close to twice his size.

If you don’t know the story, you can check it out in the Bible, starting in 1 Samuel chapter 17.

The thing is, most of us like a good underdog story.  But they can also be very divisive.  One side was very happy that David won, but there was also the other side that had its supporters and wasn’t very happy with the outcome.

Modern-Day David v Goliath

Of course, David vs Goliath stories can take a form outside of warfare.  Sometimes they play out on the sports field, but they can also play out in the legal world where the little guy finds himself against a system of immense power and destructive potential.

Chris Field eviction from his home

This is where Chris Field found himself.  He was David, and a bank backed by the Sheriff and the Courts were Goliath.

Chris’ story is also polarising.

Many people back his stance, but many also side with Goliath in this battle.

In this latest podcast, Chris shares his story on the battle for his home.

The battle is not over… but it has been a costly one.

Goliath struck the first blow, and Chris and his wife Susan and family have spent 7 years in temporary accommodation as they continue to recover from the “steamroller of the bank” forcing them out of their home.

Listen to Chris’ story and let him know what you think.  Is he right to be fighting this battle?  Should he just drop it and move on?  Do you have a similar story?


Originally published at Real Men 24/7.
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