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  • solids
401, 2024

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

By |January 4th, 2024|

It has officially begun: Squish is eating solids. Watching her navigate her first few mouthfuls of food, after months of a milk-only diet, was predictably entertaining.

1802, 2022
  • marriage - gift of love

The Nature of Love

By |February 18th, 2022|

Most of us think of love as that feeling of affection and attachment we experience for another person. But is love just a feeling? Or is there more to it? The Experience of Love Every person experiences love in a unique way. Some gestures of love will more powerfully communicate ...

1702, 2022
  • capacity

Expanding Your Capacity

By |February 17th, 2022|

When you are juggling family and work responsibilities at full capacity, is there still room for giving back to your community? Once a month, on a Sunday afternoon, we head out to our ‘connect group’ as part of our church. Connect Group is a group of families that meet together ...

1102, 2022
  • talking to God

Single Dad’s Telephone to God

By |February 11th, 2022|

A single dad shares his daily prayer, lifting up his heart to God in the morning as the dawn breaks and another day beckons. Faith sustains him through his struggles and magnifies his joys. I thank God every morning for the blessing of another day. I do not take them ...

2801, 2022
  • marriage

Five Strategies to Improve Your Marriage

By |January 28th, 2022|

Even if your marriage is going through difficulties, taking these small steps can work wonders in reigniting your love and smoothing out communication. A lot of people feel trapped in a dissatisfying or troubled marriage. They feel powerless to ‘fix’ it because their spouse refuses to join them in counselling ...

2101, 2022
  • young marriage

We Married Too Young

By |January 21st, 2022|

Were we too young to get married? Would it have been better to wait till later? Lots of people told us so. Neither of us had really experienced life: Byron at 27 had at least lived out of home for three years. On the other hand, Francine at 21 was ...

1301, 2022
  • margin in life

Why Having a Margin is Essential in Life

By |January 13th, 2022|

It can be a habit to push oneself to the limit, but consciously carving time out of paid work, housework and childcare to rest, tend to yourself and others, and listen to God's soft prompting will keep you happier and at peace amidst the busyness of life. Life has been ...

1101, 2022
  • allergy

Declaring War on Allergies

By |January 11th, 2022|

My son's many allergies have been a trial. In learning to alleviate his pain, and watching him bear patiently with discomfort, I have found a depth of strength and love which I never knew I had. ‘We’ll have to shut down the whole clinic for the afternoon,’ she said, annoyed. ...

801, 2022
  • family exercise - beat COVID-19

12 Ways to Beat Covid-19

By |January 8th, 2022|

Coronavirus is sweeping across Australia. Here are some tips to boost your immune system -- and your loved ones' immunity -- so that you will be prepared if you catch it. Your body is your best friend. You live in your body, so it is important you take care of ...

701, 2022
  • chores

Men & Chores: Why We Do Them

By |January 7th, 2022|

Research shows that religious men tend to do more chores than non-religious, progressive men. What is the reason behind this? And what other reasons might men have to delve into the thick of housework? While housework is not the most glamorous of duties, research from the University of Utah suggests ...

401, 2022
  • focus

Choosing to Focus on What Matters Most

By |January 4th, 2022|

It can become overwhelming to juggle one's duties and deal with interpersonal conflict. However, taking a step back and considering what matters most in your life can help you regain perspective on why the daily grind is all worth it -- for your family. Life is never without problems, is ...

3112, 2021
  • conflict resolution

Dads and Conflict Resolution

By |December 31st, 2021|

Extinguishing conflict requires good communication. Here are some basic pointers on how to mediate a family quarrel and restore peace to your home. Most of you reading this would know that conflict resolution is a staple in just about every workplace. I don’t think I would be met with a ...

2512, 2021
  • New Year's resolutions

Top Ten New Year Resolutions

By |December 25th, 2021|

Every New Year is a fresh opportunity to start anew. Take this chance to assess your life and implement achievable steps to practise good habits and prioritise what matters most. We each have only so many years on this earth -- make this year a great one! Only six more ...

2312, 2021
  • New Year promises

News Year’s Eve is About People, Not Promises

By |December 23rd, 2021|

This New Year, instead of making unrealistic resolutions that are swiftly discarded by the wayside, focus on what really matters deep down and take sustainable steps toward nourishing that. The worst things about the closing of another year are New Year’s Eve hype and paraphernalia. With a few exceptions, the ...

1812, 2021
  • wonderful Christmas

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By |December 18th, 2021|

Christmas is a blessed season to pause and soak in the loving presence of your family, recalling the quiet joy of the first Christmas in the humble abode of the Holy Family. As the song says, “Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.” For many families, this is ...

1812, 2021
  • mess

Our Family is a Mess!

By |December 18th, 2021|

God stepped into the messiness of humanity through His very human family, full of scandalous forebears. This Christmas, let us imitate Jesus and love our family members despite how annoying they may get! The Christmas Vigil Mass features the Gospel of Matthew (1:1-25). Depending on whether you get the long ...

1111, 2021
  • God's wisdom

On Having the Perfect Plan for Your Children

By |November 11th, 2021|

God's wisdom and plans are greater than ours. It is tempting to chart our children's lives for them, but even better is when we let God take the wheel – directing our lives and our children's lives too. Do you already have the “perfect” plan designed for your children’s lives? ...

1011, 2021
  • child's treasure

Where Your Treasure Is, There Your Heart Will Be Also

By |November 10th, 2021|

What do your children value? Reflecting on the way children treasure the simplest things can teach us important lessons in life about what we treasure. My girls are obsessed with little bits and pieces. Their bits and pieces might be a compilation of parts from toys, Barbie accessories, bracelets or ...

311, 2021
  • kids church

An Open Letter to Kids Church Leaders

By |November 3rd, 2021|

An open letter to kids church leaders: you are doing more for our children than you realise. Praise God for your ministry! For 15 years, I’ve served in kids church or children's ministry at different churches and denominations. During that time, I worked almost solely with 2-4 year olds. Through ...

1910, 2021
  • identity

Your Identity: You’re Not What You Think You Are

By |October 19th, 2021|

The question of identity -- who am I? -- is a huge one in society today. When everything is stripped away, what makes us, us? I went to a retreat once where the director used a reflection that stuck in my mind and bugged me for ages as I tried ...

1210, 2021
  • wounded heart

A Wounded Heart: From Perfectionism to Peace

By |October 12th, 2021|

Let me begin this article by saying to you that the journey that healed my wounded heart has only ever happened once to me, and I believe it was for a very specific reason. I am by no means a spiritual visionary! The Healing of A Wounded Heart As I mentioned ...

610, 2021
  • purpose

A Lasting Life Purpose

By |October 6th, 2021|

What do the first man to run a sub-4 minute mile and an 85-year-old man who hit rock bottom following a family tragedy have in common? Answer: they both opened the door for future generations to walk through, and left for themselves a lasting life purpose. Read on and listen ...


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