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Tony Miller was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in the 2010 Queen's Birthday honors list 'For service to the community through the provision of support services for separated families'.
  • Christmas Eve

One Christmas Eve

One lonely Christmas Eve, a friendly voice saves a single dad from dark thoughts, and he lives another day for his children. All Alone The hook in the ceiling should do the job, I decide, but will it hold my weight? Its only use is to carry pot plants. It looks pretty strong to me, or maybe I would be better off throwing down a heap of those pills I have. ...

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  • talking to God

Single Dad’s Telephone to God

A single dad shares his daily prayer, lifting up his heart to God in the morning as the dawn breaks and another day beckons. Faith sustains him through his struggles and magnifies his joys. I thank God every morning for the blessing of another day. I do not take them for granted, I would not dare. What a wonderful gift that He gives us. I start work early in the mornings, ...

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  • this bloke

I Know This Bloke

I know this bloke: he is an old fella, but a single dad. He has been through the mill before; the ‘family court mill’, I mean. Anyway, he now has a 9-year-old little girl who is living with him. She is a beautiful, vibrant, loving, caring little girl. He has no court orders, hasn't been to the courts, hasn't applied, just has an agreement with his wife, and the child is ...

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  • Dear God

Psalm of a Single Father

Dear God, help me to write when I am looking at an empty page. Dear God, help me to be a better person, a better father, a better friend, a better husband. Dear God, help me to become whom You want me to be. Dear God, help me to like Spongebob Squarepants reruns.   Dear God, help me not to get cranky when my daughter leaves a mess wherever she ...

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  • chips and gravy

Chips and Gravy

It's Friday night and I have just come home from the fish-and-chip shop up the road. I went up earlier with my 9-year-old daughter Angel. While we were waiting for our order -- chips and gravy -- she was telling me with much conviction that if you spit chewing gum onto the footpath, some people will come along and pick it up, and because it has your tooth-prints in the gum, ...

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  • Dads in Distress

What Dads In Distress Does

Dads in Distress hold weekly meetings to enable fathers who are affected by relationship and custody issues to come together in an atmosphere geared toward practical support, progress and healing. We don't denigrate woman at our meetings, in fact we encourage men to look in the mirror to understand what part of the blame they own, if any. We simply guide men to become the cause of their future and not ...

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  • Dads in Distress

How Dads In Distress Began

The DIDs story, Part 1. My name is Tony Miller, and I am the founder and national coordinator of a group called Dads in Distress, a dedicated support group of men whose immediate concern is to stem the present trend of male suicide due to the trauma of divorce or separation. Current statistics indicate that 5.3 males per day or 37 males per week (ABS Information Paper, Suicides 2001) will take ...

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  • child waiting - window - gate

Waiting at the Gate

Anzac Day -- what do I think about that? Well, firstly I’m grateful, grateful to soldiers who laid down their lives for me so that today I live in peace because of their selflessness, their courage, their daring. So I am grateful, and I spend the weekend carrying thoughts of those men in my heart. I wonder how many were fathers; I wonder how many families had to survive without a ...

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  • Christmas tree

A Christmas to Remember

As Christmas is once again upon us, I would like to share a story that I guess explains what Dads in Distress is all about. It happened a few years ago in the very early days of forming DIDS, and certainly inspired me to continue the work. I was sitting in a  DIDS meeting sharing my story. It was early days into separation, then divorce. It was coming up to Christmas, ...

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  • birthday - 50 years old

With Thanks On My 50th Birthday

A lot has happened over the past year. I am about to celebrate 50 years on this planet. We had a party last Saturday and it was awesome to be surrounded by my friends and family, my five beautiful children and my new grandson. Life does seem to turn around. There were many times I thought I would never make it to 50, let alone have all my children gathered around ...

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