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Paul Sloan is an accountant by trade, but has been a miner and many other things besides. He is married with three children and like most of us, he is still learning to be a father. Paul is an active surfer who lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. He is a family man who hasn't lost his sense of humour.
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The Most Beautiful Woman in the World – the Art of Eternal Love

Keeping the flame of love alive in your marriage through the years, is the best gift you can give your children -- a daily example of how to cherish their mother, no matter what life brings. “It will never happen to me”; “No way -- too much fun to have”; “Hey boys, did you hear about Johnno getting hitched? (cue gasps of shock and unbelief)… he’s mad.” Who can remember as ...

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How to Win Gold in the Fatherhood Routine Regatta

Who remembers the days of youthful enthusiasm, going to the gym with your mates, endless levels of energy bursting at the seams? Perhaps for the fortunate ones, those days still abound. I recall as a young teenager heading off to the gym, board shorts and singlet -- the singlet was a pre-requisite: showed off the muscle definition (or lack thereof in my case) -- and water bottle in hand, ready for ...

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The Art of Fathering – Butterfly Kisses

Remember when that song first came out, Butterfly Kisses -- the one about the father watching his daughter growing up? How soon the days, the months, and the years go by. My daughter is approaching 10 years old (going on 19). It seems just like yesterday I was kissing my daughter goodbye on her first day of kindergarten. My baby girl is growing up, and I don’t like it! Independence One ...

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The Importance of a Father’s Words

The words we say are of immense importance to our children, who look to us for wisdom and an example of how to think, speak and act. Let us listen carefully to their questions and answer thoughtfully, knowing that we are laying a foundation for the rest of their lives. Is it possible that dad is never wrong? Just because dad said so, it must be true. Well, probably not, but ...

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Vision Splendid

Encouraging our children to dream and have a vision to work towards, can help them set goals and get their creative juices flowing, beginning a lifelong quest to build a better future. Saturday morning, driving home from the beach, my 12-year-old son and me, reminiscing and reliving every wave, every manoeuvre, the joy and delight from our early morning surf. Life couldn’t be any better, until... “Dad, look at that, ooohhhh ...

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The Art of Fathering – from Naivety to Nappies

Nappy changing is an acquired skill. Once you have mastered this fine art, you can look forward to all the following levels of fatherhood! When it comes to the art and skill of fathering, a lot has changed since the ‘wonder years’ of our father’s or grandfathers’ generation. Oh, the good old days -- the prospective parent, relegated to the smoke-filled waiting room, hospital staff deeming it inappropriate for fathers to ...

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