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Guy is a former corporate manager, then funds manager, financial services responsible manager and company director turned entrepreneur. These days Guy is a busy husband and father of 9 children, online author, speaker and coach. Guy is the founder and one of the main contributors to Real Men 24/7, through which he seeks to help men who are 'stuck' get moving again to a life with a plan and purpose.
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Some People Think Your Family is Unfair!

Just because some people have the privilege of being raised in a happy, well-adjusted and prosperous family, doesn't mean we should make everyone equally miserable. It never ceases to amaze me the crazy ideas that some people come up with. You really have to ask whether some people actually stop and think about the implications of what they are saying. This ABC article is a case in point. The headline was: ...

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  • writing letter

The Surefire Way to Connect With Your Kids

This is a must-do for every dad. If this isn’t at the top of your list, once you have done it, it soon will be. Keep reading to find out. If you want to connect with your kids, I can think of no better way than to … write them a letter. I did this last weekend when I was at a dads' training conference, and my kids received their letters ...

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  • staying motivated

Secrets to Staying Motivated

Struggling for motivation? Frustrated that you’re starting things and not getting them finished? Here I expose the principles to staying motivated. Recently I was asked to provide some secret sauce for an Australian Defence magazine on staying motivated. I’m not going to replicate the full report here, so you can check out the source article “My Secrets To Getting & Staying Motivated”. But here’s a summary of steps Anyone can do now ...

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  • wealth

The Surprising Secret To Real Wealth

What does John D Rockefeller, a nameless Melbourne businessman and an ancient King all have in common? In this post, Guy answers that question and outlines how you can avoid the same legacy-burning mistake that trips up many men on your way to real wealth. A few years back I sat at a famous Melbourne restaurant -The Flower Drum – for lunch.  The FB is a restaurant that you need deep pockets ...

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  • marriage matters

Why Your Marriage Matters

Have you ever stopped to think about the importance of your marriage? Marriage is hard; is it worth it? In this post, Guy looks at why your marriage matters and gives you some thoughts you would be wise to ponder... When I got married at 22 years old, I had the wrong idea about marriage. I don’t think it was an unusual idea. Deep down, I thought that marriage would make ...

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  • epidemic

Suicide: The Unspoken Epidemic Destroying Our Nation

Men are killing themselves in record numbers, yet we refuse to talk about it. Men achieve all that they are told will satisfy them, and yet they can not see enough joy and hope in life to keep going. It is time to speak up and stop this silent epidemic of death against men and their families. 13 months ago I wrote a post on this website about dads who kill ...

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A Lasting Life Purpose

What do the first man to run a sub-4 minute mile and an 85-year-old man who hit rock bottom following a family tragedy have in common? Answer: they both opened the door for future generations to walk through, and left for themselves a lasting life purpose. Read on and listen to their story in this latest blogpost & podcast. Do you wonder if your life will have a lasting life purpose? ...

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The One Question Your Daughter Needs You To Answer

Did you know that you can mess up most things about being a dad to your daughter and yet still raise a successful young woman? You just need to answer one question for her. In this post, Guy explains what that is and how you can answer it. Being a dad can be complicated.  Anyone who is a dad knows this well. I remember well the months and even years leading ...

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  • Conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution: Uncover the Keys

Do you have the right skills to resolve the conflicts in your life? In this podcast episode, Brian Noble shares a simple but powerful 4-step process to resolving conflicts. Resolving Conflict Podcast What do you do when you find yourself in conflict with someone, either personally or within or part of an organisation? How do you resolve conflict properly so that it doesn’t come up again? And can I resolve conflict ...

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  • D-Day soldiers

7 Life Lessons From The Longest Day: A D-Day Film Review

More than just a movie, The Longest Day captures for us many life lessons that we would do well to take note of still today. In this post, Guy shares 7 as he watches the D-Day film with his family. Life Lessons from D-Day As I write this, I am sitting with my father-in-law, 3 of my kids and my Irish Setter watching the war classic, 'The Longest Day'.  It is, ...

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