The Childcare Industry and the De-Fathering of Society Part 5

The preceding articles in this series have argued that while the Federal Government’s generosity and concern for families may be genuine, its actions are lopsided, biased against non-custodial parents, and contribute to the de-fathering of society.

The crisis of fatherless children is compounded by the fact that there are few male role models working in childcare centres. And when children leave childcare and begin school, again it’s women, not men, teaching our children.

Although the childcare industry makes a significant contribution to the creation of a fatherless society, its influence is miniscule alongside the enormous destructive impact of the Family Law Court and the Child Support Agency.

However, the example of the childcare industry serves to illustrate the cultural and philosophical perspective of policymakers and legislators: that fatherhood is obsolete and has no value; post-separation fathering is something to be discouraged; the interest of fathers and the impact on the relationship between fathers and their children is not worthy of consideration and does not need to be factored into the policies of legislators.

Consequently, there are few people willing to talk to fathers, and fewer still willing to listen to them without having their ideas filtered through the perspective of the custodial parent, and re-interpreted according to the thinking of militant feminism and the philosophies of the politically-correct.

This cultural perspective embraced by our legislators has meant that from the moment of separation, fathers are deemed to be irresponsible as parents and incapable of looking after their children. They have their parental authority removed from them, and are forced to submit to the controls and the decisions of government officials. This is done under the guise of ‘helping parents manage their responsibilities’. There is no such ‘assistance’ inflicted on fathers prior to separation.

Alongside this treatment of separated fathers, the idea of the madonna mother validates and perpetuates a continual stream of financial inducements to the custodial parent to restrict access to the children by the non-custodial parent.

Children should have the right to have their fathers restored to their lives.

Profit-making private childcare businesses should get to the end of the queue where the fathers now stand.

I don’t care if they keep their millions but, please, let the children keep their fathers.

[Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels]

About the Author: Roland Foster

Roland Foster is an non-custodial father, separated since 1997, with 5 young children aged between 6 and 14 years. Roland is a passionate father and an active social reformer who believes Australia's current laws are contributing to the creation of our fatherless society.

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