In the last newsletter we posted a video called First Date. It now has 8.3 million hits. Last week we posted the news story with an interview about this touching father daughter story on our Dads4Kids Facebook page.

See the Daddy-Daughter Date Goes Viral below.

The TV news story description said, “Some viewers are calling the father-daughter date heart warming, while others say it’s “very creepy.” The response on our Facebook page was illuminating. A lady named Kay made the first comment on the story. She said, “I found this cute but also disturbing why are we trying to make these kids act like teenagers and have dates? Why can’t they just be kids and spend time with dads.”

Father Kristin Jack then said, “I think ur missing the point we are not trying to make them like teenagers at all, no teenager I know does these sorts of things for dates. It is about letting your daughter know she is special and treasured. So much that she is worthy of quality time. One if the reasons I take my daughter on ‘daddy – daughter’ date nights, and have been doing since she was about 6 is to instil in her the quality of what her expectations of men should be. ie act like a gentleman, open the car door for her, pull out her chair, when at the restaurant having the phone turned off and engaging her directly, asking about her world and who her friends are, the latest fads etc.

So when she comes into her ‘teenage years (she is currently 11) she will have a very strong idea about the type of qualities she is looking for in a guy, and as she has unbounded and unconditional love from her father, who constantly praises and encourages her, she won’t fall into the arms of any guy who comes along and says a few nice things about her. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

I think the real answer to your question is: what girl who ever had their father spend one on one quality time with complained in later years about it? This concept is not actually about trying to make them older, it’s about loving who they are at that moment. By your logic little girls shouldn’t be having ‘tea parties’ because essentially that’s what mothers do. I hope I haven’t offended you it’s just something I am passionate about. I see girls on a regular basis that lacked their father’s love/involvement with them and what they become as a result and it breaks my heart.”

Thankfully we had some more good comments from some thoughtful women. Trish Haywood said, “Creepy? No way…the only creepy thing is other people’s minds! I loved my Daddy like that little girl, and like her, I was lucky enough to have a Daddy who loved me enough to have tea parties etc with me. What a beautiful Dad, and a beautiful story…Dad’s take note: I’m now 57 and my Dad is 82, and we are still close…and not in a creepy way!”

Maureen Prisk said, “There is nothing wrong with this, it’s called quality time with your children and being on their level, good on him we should take a lesson from this.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as father Robert Fattore then pointed out. “I’m still like that with my daughter. What’s wrong with people. My daughter, son and wife are what I live for. People that think its creepy have serious mental issues..”

Of course I will put my money on Kristen, Trish, Maureen and Robert every time but I have never been sexual assaulted by a male-type father figure. As I pointed out in my blog post, ‘Keep it Zipped’ more and more young women are experiencing this shocking betrayal firsthand. Whenever they see something like young father Aaron Dixon treating his 3 year old daughter like a princess they feel suspicious, and in a sense, who can blame them for it.

The answer is not to retreat in fear because of what a few bad fathers do but to work together to turn our society around before it is too late. That of course is why you are reading this in the first place. We all have a lot to learn from Aaron Dixon and as I said last week, eight million people can’t be wrong.

Love Work

Check out these two special videos that were featured in this Fathers Day Marketing Story. The first is called Dad Casting – World’s Toughest Job. The second is real life dad Youtube video ‘The Power of Dad’. If nothing else you will laugh and hopefully be encouraged because all Dads are made of clay and doing the best we can. When you get knocked down just get back up again.

Kind Regards
Warwick Marsh

PS. Thanks to all those who put in a submission to defend the natural, family in the Senate Inquiry into the Recognition of Foreign Marriages Bill 2014. From what I understand there were a lot of submissions in support of marriage which is of extreme importance for our children. Thank you.

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