Inspiration comes when you least expect it.

I went to visit my videographer is his studio to talk about various video projects, including the YouTube videos from the Voice 4 Kids Summit held at Parliament House, Canberra a few weeks ago. Sam introduced me to a young surfer name Adam.

Adam said, “You’re not Warwick Marsh, the guy who is the founder of Dads4Kids and runs those crazy good ads on TV. The ones that encourage parents to love their kids?”

I admitted my guilt, and he seemed most grateful.

Adam then began to tell me his story.

“I was 22 years old when my daughter was born. It was nerve racking and I was scared, but I was tremendously excited at the same time. It was the best day of my life and still is to this day.

I was a mad keen surfer and hunter, but life was all about me, but now it’s all about her. My daughter changed my life. She makes me want to be a better person. My daughter is my purpose in life and I want to be there for her. I have realised the importance of family. You kinda end up like your parents, that why I have to be there for her.

I am a single dad but both her mum and I are deeply committed to being there for our daughter. She is going to measure all her future relationships with men against me as a father. That is a huge responsibility but our problems should not become her problems and we are working towards total shared parenting.

Our daughter needs our guidance and love with a particular emphasis on love. If she doesn’t get our full attention and all our love she will go looking for love in all the wrong places. I am committed to giving her three things: love stability and life experience but the greatest and most needful is love.”

I was so impressed with Adams passion to be a great dad for his daughter that it moved me to tears.

I thought it would be great if Adam could share a story with our readers. Here begins ‘The Real Dora the Explorer’. Find the rest of it in Special Feature. Read it if you dare.

”Dad what are you doing today?”


‘‘Dad, dad, dad. ”

Mind you, I’m sitting in front of the heater right next to her. ”

Before I can even get a word out, she’s saying my name again and again, so I just sit there smiling until she starts laughing at me.

She just knows it makes me laugh, but it works. When she starts the whole “dad, dad, dad” thing, I stop everything for her. I can tell by the tone in her voice that she’s playing around. I just smile until she starts laughing – it’s kind of a little game we play really.

And she’s knows it’s adventure time because next to that plate of peanut butter toast squares that are half eaten is a little day pack, packed with everything from baby wipes to an emergency first aid kit and the rest!

I’m surprised the zippers have even lasted this long due to how much stuff I can seemingly fit in it.

I could always get a bigger backpack but this one was a gift and we like to make do with what we already have.

In my mind I already have the whole day mapped out in my head and I’m thinking about dinner!

In her mind ”Daddy’s about to take me somewhere fun”.

I’m not sure who gets more, excited her or me!

”Daddy – what are you doing today?”

This time I’m too quick for her next words.

One word is all I need to say – ”ADVENTURE”.

”Yeah I’m coming toooo!”

“You sure are little one. Let’s go, get your shoes – quick, quick – haha.”

She runs off into her room bringing out two totally different shoes to me … but that’s ok at least she bought out two not one!

After finding a matching pair of shoes, it’s go time for us … all ready to go and out the door and into Dads truck! She climbs up into her fitted baby seat.

“Where are we going daddy?”

“You want to go find tigers today Eviekai?”

“Yeaaaaah Dad”, with a big smile on her face.

I guess this is a great time to formally introduce ourselves. I’m Adam Bossyi. I’m 25 years old and I have a daughter named Eviekai who turns a big three in a few short months. I’m the parent of a real life Dora the Explorer.

The love Eviekai has for adventure around home is second to none.

We go everywhere we can when we are together. There’s no limits for us except TIME! I know someday she’s going to grow up and adventure on her own, so I make the most of our time together at present.

It is wonderful to see young fathers capturing the moments with their children in more ways than one.


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Yours for ‘Capturing More Moments’ with our children
Warwick Marsh

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